Customer feedback analysis and insights generation.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI product discovery platform that focuses on turning customer qualitative data into actionable insights. The platform offers several features to assist different roles within a product development team.

For product managers, eliminates the need for manual analysis of user feedback. Its cutting-edge AI technology allows for effortless data analysis with a level of accuracy that is comparable to human capabilities.

This enables product managers to quickly construct an "opportunity solution tree" and uncover new opportunities.UX researchers can empower their research analysis with AI.'s AI is trained on best User Research practices and methods, including Atomic Research and Jobs to be Done framework. It even helps identify biased questions and answers, enhancing the quality and reliability of research findings.Product designers benefit from's AI capabilities by enabling a better understanding of the problem space and empowering the design process.

Comprehensive research, incorporating user insights, is facilitated by the AI platform.For product leaders, transforms research from a potential bottleneck into a catalyst.

The AI empowers decision-making by providing evidence-based insights that create value for both customers and the automates the analysis of customer interviews.

It provides transcriptions in any language and automatically extracts important highlights such as pain-points, habits, and needs. Assumption-testing can be automated by continually scanning interviews and associating relevant highlights as evidence to support or refute assumptions.The platform also helps align research with business goals, provides a centralized repository for evidence-based insights, and allows easy tracking of business target outcomes.

The platform aims to bring transparency to research by enabling deep dives into the evidence supporting any is designed by product lovers, for product lovers, with the aim of continually improving the product and better understanding users.


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Ween was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Aids product development team
Eliminates manual feedback analysis
Accurate data analysis
Enhances research quality
Empowers design process
Catalyzes research
Supports evidence-based decision making
Automates interview analysis
Transcriptions in any language
Extracts important highlights
Automated assumption-testing
Aligns research with business goals
Centralized insight repository
Tracks business target outcomes
Provides transparency in research
Designed by product lovers
Facilitates opportunity solution tree
Trained on User Research methods
Detects biased questions and answers
Turns research potential bottleneck into catalyst
Supports or refutes assumptions
Keeps business outcomes trackable
Enables deep dives into evidence


Transcription quality varies
Requires continual interview input
May miss nuanced insights
Bias recognition reliability unclear
Limited to customer interviews
Language accuracy not specified
May misinterpret slang or idioms
No sentiment analysis
Observed data privacy issues


What is
What features does provide for product managers?
How can UX researchers benefit from
How does assist product designers?
What advantages does offer to product leaders?
Can analyze customer interviews automatically?
Does provide transcriptions in any language?
What AI features does utilize for assumption-testing?
How does align research with business goals?
Does provide a centralized repository for evidence-based insights?
Can keep track of business target outcomes?
How does ensure transparency in research?
What principles is designed on?
Can users try for free before purchasing?
What languages does support for transcription?
How can improve the decision-making process in product development?
Is capable of detecting biased questions and answers?
Can work with qualitative customer data?
Does help understand users better?
How does extract important highlights from customer interviews?

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