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Chatbot for website feedback.
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RealFeedback is an AI-powered chatbot tool that offers a conversational approach for capturing valuable user insights, thereby facilitating engaging conversations with users.

The tool's advanced AI technology processes and extracts common points from user conversations, providing organized feedback summaries for data-driven decision-making.

The chatbot encourages users to share their experiences more openly, which leads to honest and valuable insights that can be utilized to improve the product.

The tool is easily integrated into websites using a simple script tag that requires no coding expertise. The chatbot is available in different pricing tiers to cater to different types of businesses, with the flexibility to choose a plan that suits the unique needs of the business.

The Start-up plan is ideal for small businesses and personal websites, while the Professional plan is designed for large-scale organizations and websites with high traffic.

The Growth plan is perfect for businesses seeking expansion. RealFeedback offers a 14-day free trial which includes 100 monthly conversations, where completed conversations are only charged.

The tool provides user satisfaction tracking and subtle RealFeedback branding for the Start-up plan, while the Growth and Professional plans provide removable RealFeedback branding and complete visual customization, among other features.


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RealFeedback was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Conversational approach
Extracts common points
Organized feedback summaries
Data-driven decision-making
Encourages open sharing
Easy website integration
No coding expertise required
Different pricing tiers
Tailored for business needs
14-day free trial
100 monthly conversations limit
Charge for completed conversations
User satisfaction tracking
Subtle RealFeedback branding
Removable branding option
Complete visual customization
Ideal for small businesses
Designed for large-scale businesses
Growth-focused plan


Limited branding removal options
Visual customization only for highest tier
Priced per conversation
No multi-language support
Lacks advanced customization options
No 24/7 support mentioned
No mobile application
High plan prices
Limited free trial usage


What is RealFeedback?
How does RealFeedback work?
What is unique about RealFeedback?
What key capabilities does RealFeedback offer?
How does RealFeedback extract insights from user conversations?
Do I need any coding knowledge to integrate RealFeedback into my website?
What pricing plans does RealFeedback offer?
What kind of businesses can benefit from using RealFeedback?
How does RealFeedback encourage users to share their experiences more openly?
What are the differences between the Start-up, Growth, and Professional plans offered by RealFeedback?
What does the 14-day free trial of RealFeedback include?
How does RealFeedback define a 'completed conversation' in their pricing?
What are the customization options available in RealFeedback’s growth and professional plans?
Can I remove RealFeedback branding from my chatbot?
How does RealFeedback enable data-driven decision-making?
How is user satisfaction tracked in RealFeedback?
What kind of insights can I expect to get from using RealFeedback?
How can RealFeedback help improve my product?
Is RealFeedback suitable for large-scale organizations and high-traffic websites?
Does RealFeedback offer visual customization?

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