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Generate any software from a single prompt
Generated by ChatGPT
1. Describe the product you want to build: it works well for SaaS, marketplaces, social apps and AI apps
2. The AI generates the database and the back-end
3. The AI generates the front-end
4. You can preview your app & make changes live or clone the GitHub repos and you’re ready to go.

The 90% heavy lifting work is done for you. You focus on adding your 10% unique touch.

You can launch your idea in minutes not months.

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Mar 8, 2024
I've been playing around with this for a few hours. It's made me say "WOW" too many times than i wish to admit. I'm going to follow this and see how it evolves. For now, i managed to create quite a nice Expenses app for personal use. | It did have some problems when it came to moving some components on other pages, but for how short the prompts it uses can be, it is really impressive. With some proper prompts it can generate some strong stuff.
Mar 8, 2024
Oh! AND they offer a free sample for one project generation. Get in here and try it

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Pros and Cons


Expedited app development
Generates Boilerplate Starter Kit
Caters to React and Node.js applications
Reduces development steps
Automates framework selection
Automates authentication setup
Automates front-end and back-end connection
Generates app components
Generates backend API endpoints
Generates database schema
Real-time events and notifications
Amazon S3 file uploading integration
Developers retain code ownership
Various packages to cater different needs
Ease of deployment
Rapid application launch
Manual adjustment possible
Support provided via Discord
Prompt-to-codebase application generation
Produces JWT and Google Login authentication
Mailjet email provider integration
Capable of 10X faster shipping
Provides generated github repo
One-click app deployment
Multiple app generations and iterations


Limited to React, Node.js
Manual code adjustments required
Only supports Amazon S3 uploads
Uses Discord for support
Limited pre-built integrations
Variety in packages can confuse
Pricing per app generation
Deployment options not specified
Database schema limitations unclear
Lack extensive documentation


What exactly does Marblism do?
What kind of applications can Marblism help me create?
Does Marblism support both front-end and back-end development?
Does Marblism generate a database schema for the apps?
What external integrations does Marblism support?
How does Marblism expedite the process of app development?
Do I retain full ownership of the code produced by Marblism?
What sort of modifications might I need to make to the code generated by Marblism?
What steps does Marblism automate in the app development process?
What kind of support is offered by Marblism?
How does Marblism handle application deployment?
What kind of packages and pricing options does Marblism offer?
What is the maximum number of app generations and iterations allowed by Marblism?
Does Marblism assist in setting up authentication systems for apps?
Is it possible to integrate OpenAI with Marblism?
Can Marblism assist with file uploading via Amazon S3?
What are the advantages of using Marblism for my app development process?
What does the output from Marblism look like?
Can Marblism help in creating complex applications like a social platform?
How can I start using Marblism for my project?

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