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ByChen GuanXi
Adaptable economics and coding expert with a supportive style.
GPT welcome message: Hello! I'm Economic Helper, ready to assist with your economics and coding queries.
Sample prompts:
Explain the principles of macroeconomics.
How can I optimize this economic model code?
Suggest a study plan for an economics beginner.
Interpret these economic data trends.
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Economic Helper is a tailored General Prefixed Transformer (GPT) designed to support the enhanced understanding of economics and coding by offering assistance and elucidation on related topics.

By utilizing the capabilities of ChatGPT, it accommodates queries and provides practical knowledge about economics and coding concepts. Possible inquiries can range from seeking explanations on the principles of macroeconomics, to receiving advice on optimizing an economic model code, as well as suggestions for study plans for beginners in economics, and interpretations of economic data trends.

Economic Helper, in its supportive style, can adjust to specific user needs, making it a useful tool for users with varying levels of knowledge, ranging from beginners to those with a more advanced understanding in these domains.

The tool can be personalized to bring about effective communication tailored to the users' needs, fostering a better grasp of the complex subjects it covers.

Overall, this tool is a fitting companion for those looking to enhance their understanding and proficiency in both economics and coding.


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