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Customizable website chatbot for customer support.
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WizyChat is a custom GPT chatbot tool that allows users to train their own chatbots using their own data. With WizyChat, zero coding is required, making it easy for users to create and deploy personalized AI chatbots on their websites in a matter of minutes.

The tool offers an intuitive interface for building chatbots, eliminating the need for technical expertise.WizyChat offers a wide range of integrations with over 5000 popular apps, including Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Microsoft Teams, ClickSend SMS, and WordPress.

This enables seamless communication and integration with existing workflows and systems. The chatbots trained with WizyChat are capable of providing instant answers to customers and team members, enhancing responsiveness and efficiency.One notable feature of WizyChat is its support for multiple data sources, including HTML, PDF, texts (txt), CSV, databases, Word, PowerPoint files, and more.

It also includes a semantic search engine that considers the semantic context of search queries and content, improving the understanding of search intent and delivering more accurate results.

Additionally, WizyChat supports approximately 95 languages, allowing users to upload data and interact with chatbots in various languages.The tool is designed to be accessible and easy to use, with no coding required.

It is powered by advanced AI technology and offers regular updates to ensure optimal performance. WizyChat also provides customization options, allowing users to tailor the design and features of their chatbots to meet their specific needs.


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Pros and Cons


Zero coding required
5000+ app integrations
Supports 95 languages
Proprietary semantic search engine
Customizable chatbot design
Frequent updates
Multiple data source compatibility
Instant customer support response
Works with Gmail, Slack, WordPress
No technical expertise needed
Seamless workflow integration
Personalized chatbot training
HTML, PDF, CSV support
Word, PowerPoint file support
Developer friendly
GPT-4 powered
Accessible interface
Supports non-English content
Integration with
Supports single-page applications
Supports 15+ data formats
Complex API integrations
Smart web crawler feature
Short deployment time
Custom GPT chatbot
Powered by your data


Lacks voice interaction capabilities
No reported sentiment analysis feature
Lack of real-time analytics
Doesn't support all language dialects
Limited customization options
Possibility of data leakage
Potential for bot misunderstandings
No image or video support
No offline availability
Limited number of integrations


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In what formats can data be uploaded to WizyChat?
How many languages does WizyChat support?
Does WizyChat provide customization options?
Can WizyChat chatbots be embedded in a website?
Can WizyChat chatbots interact with users in different languages?
How easy is it to use WizyChat?
Does WizyChat provide updates for optimal performance?
What is the pricing structure for WizyChat?
How does WizyChat use AI technology?
Can WizyChat chatbots be integrated with existing workflows and systems?
How quickly can chatbots be deployed with WizyChat?
Can WizyChat import data from multiple sources such as HTML, PDF, and CSV?
Can I integrate WizyChat with my Wordpress website?

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