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Create conversational interfaces for internal APIs.
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Spine AI is a tool that enables teams to deploy a conversational interface built on top of their internal APIs without the need for an AI team. It allows users to create a chat agent that can perform tasks and offer real-time data insights, providing next-generation user experiences.

Spine AI integrates with existing codebases with minimal technical effort, making it easy to unlock the full power of AI without extensive modifications.With Spine AI, teams can outpace their competitors by being the first to market with cutting-edge AI capabilities.

It offers the ability to integrate AI as a power-up, opening up new revenue streams without significant changes to existing code. Spine AI goes beyond basic retrieval by proactively understanding user intent and executing complex workflows, performing bulk actions and multi-step processes with just one prompt.The tool supports a wide range of media inputs, such as JavaScript, CSV, PDF, TXT, MD, WAV, MP4, JPEG, MP3, and Python, offering flexibility in creating workflows.

Spine AI also provides a knowledgeable assistant trained in documentation, allowing users to troubleshoot, find solutions, and explore features in context.With Spine AI, teams can provide deep business insights and intelligence by allowing users to extract valuable insights from their data using natural language questions.

It works with any product that has a REST or GraphQL API, regardless of documentation or privacy status.Spine AI is developed by an experienced AI team and offers a stable and secure solution.

It reduces the need for internal AI training and hiring ML engineers, providing a fast and efficient deployment process. Overall, Spine AI simplifies AI integration, reduces time to market, and lessens maintenance costs.


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