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Droxy is an AI tool that enables users to create custom chatbots from any type of content, without the need for coding. It is primarily aimed at enhancing knowledge sharing in education and business settings.

With Droxy, users can transform public or private content into interactive chatbots powered by ChatGPT.The tool offers several features to facilitate the creation and customization of chatbots.

Users can easily upload diverse resources such as PDFs, videos, YouTube channels, custom video files, and websites to construct the chatbot's knowledge base.

They can also customize the appearance and personality of the chatbot by selecting colors, images, names, and defining its role.Sharing the chatbot is made simple through a link, allowing users to choose between password protection for exclusive access or making it publicly accessible.

The chatbot can be easily integrated into websites, providing an enriched experience for visitors. Additionally, Droxy supports integration with platforms like Discord, expanding the reach and engagement of the chatbot.Droxy offers a variety of AI models that users can select to tailor their chatbot's conversations to their unique needs.

It allows interactions with individual resources, such as PDFs, videos, and websites, enabling immediate and intuitive understanding of the content. The tool also includes an AI-powered editor that enhances content creation by condensing complex ideas, providing detailed insights, translating text, or generating creative analogies.Droxy serves a range of users, including educators, content creators, businesses, lifelong learners, and community managers.

It offers an efficient and engaging way to share knowledge, consolidate varied content, facilitate interactive learning environments, simplify learning from multiple resources, and disseminate information in a community.Overall, Droxy empowers users to transform their valuable content into AI-powered chatbots, amplifying knowledge sharing and facilitating immersive engagement.


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Pros and Cons


Custom chatbot creation
No need for coding
ChatGPT powered chatbots
Diverse resource upload capability
Customizable chatbot appearance
Customizable chatbot personality
Single link sharing
Password protection option
Public Access option
Easy website integration
Discord integration
Single-resource interaction
Condenses complex ideas
Provides detailed insights
Translates text
Generates creative analogies
Serves diverse user base
Consolidates varied contents
Facilitates interactive learning
Simplify learning process
Improves community dissemination
Easy to embed
Creates personalized learning experience
Transforms teaching materials
Consolidates content across platforms
Facilitates knowledge retention
Breaks down complex concepts
Trainable on collective information
Clickable link for engagement
Import from YouTube channels
Efficient content sharing
Import from custom video files
Immediate understanding of content
Ideal for lifelong learners
Ideal for community managers
Ideal for content creators
Ideal for businesses
Diverse chatbot roles
Enriched visitor experience
Interactive chatbot creation
Interactive with individual resources
Enhanced content creation
Easy content generation
Simplifies complex ideas
Suitable for educators
Enhances user engagement
Content conversion into chatbot
Creates immersive engagement


Limited platform integration options
No API provided
Lacks advanced customisation features
No mobile application
No real-time data analytics
No versioning for chatbots
Inefficient for large data sets
Lack of multilingual support
Limited customer support options


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What is the Droxy AI-powered editor?
Who are the target users of Droxy?
Does Droxy offer password protection for exclusive access to chatbots?
Can I utilize individual resources like PDFs and videos in Droxy?
How does Droxy support educators and coaches?
Can content creators benefit from Droxy?
How can businesses use Droxy for knowledge sharing?
Are there any specific features of Droxy for lifelong learners?
How does Droxy assist community managers?
What are the potential applications of Droxy?
Are there different AI models to choose from for my Droxy chatbot?
Can I interact directly with specific resources using Droxy?

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