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Empathetic chatbots for diverse sectors.
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Juji is a cognitive AI chatbot tool that enables businesses to quickly build AI-powered chatbots without any coding required. It offers pre-built chatbot templates with advanced cognitive intelligence that can be deployed on websites for industries such as education and healthcare.

Juji provides various solutions that help personalize online education, talent management, telehealth, and conversational surveys or interviews. Juji offers a range of resources including beginner's guides, case studies, video tutorials, documentation, patents and publications, and technical talks.Juji chatbots are powered with advanced human soft skills such as active listening, empathy, and psychographic insights, which assist humans in high-touch tasks.

They provide empathetic automation, psychoanalytic insights and authentic connections with users through two-way conversations. Juji cognitive AI chatbots are easily accessible, and customizable to an organizations' needs, and can be reused or customized for faster development.

They can augment the workforce by unifying human and machine intelligence resulting in infinitely happy employees and customers. Juji also offers enterprise-scale flexibility enabling the deployment of single or multiple chatbots running in the cloud or on-premise.


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Juji was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No coding required
Pre-built chatbot templates
Advanced cognitive intelligence
Wide industry applicability
Personalize online education
Telehealth personalization
Conversational surveys or interviews
Various training resources
Empathetic automation
Offers psychoanalytic insights
Authentic user connections
Easily customizable
Re-usable designs
Employee augmentation capability
Enterprise-scale flexibility
Cloud or on-premise
Active listening
Inferred user characteristics
Real-time interaction ability
Intuitive graphical interface
Fast development speed
Real-time audience analytics
Chatbot performance analytics
Free until launch
Handles multi-turn, context-aware conversations
Ability to infer user's needs
Elicits user interests
Identifies user personality
Visual dashboard for performance
100x better time to value
Instantly improve chatbot answers
Multiple chatbots deployment
Offers student and employee retention
Non-Technical staff operability
Conversational context management
Rapid chatbot setup
Automatic assistant generation
Topic summarization of user input
Advanced human soft skills
Provides psychological safety
Reduces social desirability biases
Empowers non-IT professionals
Minimal administrative burdens
Real-time user characteristic inferring


Limited sector variety
Limited template customization
No multilingual support
Dependent on cloud/on-premise
Lack resources for expert users
Difficulties in monitoring live chat
Limited chat flow customization
High computational resources required


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Does Juji offer enterprise-scale flexibility?
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In what solutions does Juji specialize?
How does Juji enable personalization in various sectors?
What is the difference between cognitive AI assistants and regular AI assistants?
What is conversational intelligence?
What are psychographic insights?
What benefits do cognitive AI assistants offer?
How does Juji make cognitive AI accessible?
What is a non-code AI assistant?
How does Juji augment my workforce?
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