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Answer to questions w/ docs/files/links.
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TalkItOut is a custom AI chatbot tool that allows users to upload documents or add links to website pages in order to create a chatbot that can answer questions related to the provided data.

The chatbot can then be embedded as a widget on a website. The tool offers various pricing plans, including a free trial with limited features. The process of creating a chatbot involves three steps: inputting website URLs or uploading files, training the AI on the provided data, and deploying the trained chatbot on a website.

Users can upload multiple documents in PDF format and the tool provides a character count for attached files to keep users informed on the limit. TalkItOut offers different pricing plans based on the number of message credits per month, character limits per chatbot, the number of chatbots, and the ability to choose between upcoming models.

There is also an unlimited custom plan available. The tool includes features such as website embedding, API access, and the option to share the chatbot with others through a simple link.

Users can make their chatbot public or private, and the chatbot can be fine-tuned and customized using the large language models. The tool also allows users to remove the "Powered by Talk It Out" branding.

Overall, TalkItOut provides a straightforward and user-friendly way to create and deploy custom AI chatbots that can answer questions specific to the provided data.


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Pros and Cons


Upload documents feature
Website data input
Chatbot widget embedding
Multiple pricing plans
Free trial offered
Provides character count
Various message credit options
Unlimited chatbot potential
Optimal character limits
Choose from upcoming models
Public or private chatbots
Removal of brand option
User-friendly design
Multiple document upload
API access on plans
Affordable custom plan options
Share chatbot with link
Website links used for training
Option to fine-tune model


No multi-language support
Only supports PDF uploads
Limited character count
Training time too long
Limited free trial
Extra cost for rebranding
No predictive messaging
Limited number of files


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