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Multilingual chatbot for engaging employees & customers.
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People Experience Bot (PxBot) is a custom chatbot tool designed specifically for businesses. It utilizes GPT technology to provide accurate chat responses based on the content provided by the company.

PxBot offers a secure and privacy-first platform for businesses to build their own custom chatbot search engines using their business data. The tool replaces standard operating procedure (SOP) binders and FAQ pages, allowing companies to provide their customers and employees with the necessary information when they need it.With PxBot, users can ask a wide range of questions in their preferred language and receive instant responses with citations.

The tool can be built in as little as a day, offering quick implementation for businesses. PxBot improves employee and customer engagement by providing better-informed individuals who can access information in 92 languages.The tool enables companies to focus on higher-level strategies as employees no longer need to spend time searching for resources.

PxBot also allows for quick writing of corporate communications and social media posts in the style of past announcements. Data security is a key feature, as PxBot ensures that user data remains safe and secure with encryption and fully-self contained bots.Please note that PxBot is an innovative solution that is continuously evolving, and like any AI technology, it is not perfect.

It is advised to always verify information from reliable sources.


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Pros and Cons


Multilingual support
Replaces SOP binders
Eases FAQ management
Encourages company engagement
Time-efficient implementaton
Data encryption
Individual bot for each business
No data sharing between bots
Can be built in a day
Chat responses with citations
Automates corporate communications
92 language translation
Customized for specific business
Supports multiple document sources
Provides 24/7 access
Supports intranet integration
Supports company website integration
Answers repetitive questions
Mobile App coming soon
Supports live chat
Managed service approach
High content capacity
Utilizes GPT technology
Employee handbook implementation
Custom Branding options
Quick corporate communication creation
Free trial bot available
Supports a wide Q&A range
Secure IP protection
Saves employee time
Automated service
Summarizes company materials
Content limit per bot
Secure, privacy-first platform
Supports video as data source
SMS capabilities soon
Monthly subscription available
Automates social media posts
Embed Script and API functionality
Helps resource accessibility
Improves information availability
Fully self-contained bots


Limited content input formats
Requires user verification of information
Might require high-level technical knowledge
Possible lag in response time
Fixes required due to continuous evolution
Limited monthly queries
Complex procedures for customization
Latency in bot setup
Heavy reliance on corporate materials
Data quantity constraints


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Why does PxBot emphasize that AI technology isn't perfect?

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