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Customizable chatbots with real-time responses builder.
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Instant Answers is an AI-powered chatbot builder that enables users to create and customize chatbots, which can then provide real-time responses to website visitors' inquiries.

The tool utilizes a training process that involves uploading content to the system or inputting a website URL to retrieve all the required pages and content for building the chatbot.

It offers various integration options such as a floating chat bubble or an iframe, which can be easily embedded into websites without requiring coding skills.

The customizable appearance of the chatbot is another feature, where users can match brand color and style to ensure that the chatbot's aesthetics reinforce their brand's identity.

The chatbot's accuracy in answering queries is dependent on the quality and relevance of the data that users provide for training the model. The more high-quality and relevant data provided, the more accurate the answers.

Additionally, Instant Answers allows users to train their chatbots using multiple documents or websites by uploading each source separately. Instant Answers offers a free trial for users to create and test a chatbot with limited data capacity, and users can then upgrade to a paid plan to unlock additional features and data capacity.

The tool takes data security and privacy seriously and uses industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect users' data. Overall, Instant Answers provide a cost-effective way for businesses to automate their customer support and offer searchable knowledge bases without requiring coding skills.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time responses
Chatbot customer support
Customizable chatbots
Uses training process
Upload content for training
Website content retrieval
Various integration options
Embeds without coding skills
Chatbot appearance customization
Data-based answer accuracy
Multiple data source support
Provides free trial
High data security standards
Cost-effective solution
Knowledge base automation
Supports various file types
Quick chatbot creation
Brand and style matching
Floating chat bubble
Easy iframe integration
Increases customer experience
Saves time in support
Improves support automation
Data provides more accuracy
Entry-level offering with free trial
Chatbot ready in minutes
No coding experience needed
Continuous improvement in customization
Training from multiple sources
User-friendly interface
Instant customer support replies
Protection of data privacy
Optional upgrade for more features


No multi-language support
Dependent on quality of data
Limited data capacity in free trial
Uploading each source separately
Limited customization options
No native mobile app


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What types of data can I upload to Instant Answers?
How accurate are the responses by the chatbots created on Instant Answers?
Are chatbot answers on Instant Answers real-time?
What integration options does Instant Answers offer?
Does the training of my chatbot on Instant Answers require any specific data format?
Does Instant Answers offer a free trial?
What additional features are available on Instant Answers' paid plan?
How is data security and privacy handled at Instant Answers?
Is Instant Answers suitable for customer support?
Can I use Instant Answers to provide searchable knowledge bases?
Can I train the chatbot on multiple sources on Instant Answers?
Does Instant Answers’ chatbot match my brand's color and style?
Does Instant Answers handle document or website-based chatbot training?
How long does it typically take to create a chatbot with Instant Answers?

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