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Unlock customer loyalty with AI-driven service.
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Dixa is a conversational customer service platform offering all-in-one solution for businesses of various sizes and industries. It provides a unified agent workspace to streamline customer service interactions, allowing companies to engage with their customers over multiple channels like native voice, email, social media, messaging, and more, without the need for plug-ins.

Its features include:1. 'Dixa Channels': This feature eliminates the hassle of multiple logins for different channels by integrating all into a single platform.2.

'Dixa Agent Hub': Providing agents with relevant customer data, conversation history, and knowledge resources in one screen to facilitate personalised and efficient service.3.

'Dixa Conversation Engine': Intelligent automation and AI-tools allow companies to tailor customer interactions effectively and efficiently. Functions include conversation automations and a drag and drop flow builder for streamlined interaction management.4.

'Dixa Discover': A feature providing reporting & analytics, quality assurance, and agent & team performance tools to help teams improve their service.Furthermore, Dixa incorporates an AI chatbot known as 'MIM', that handles common queries to free up agents for more complex conversations.

Whether a start-up, mid-sized or large business, Dixa aims to provide a solution for better customer experience and loyalty.


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Dixa was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


All-in-one customer service solution
Unified agent workspace
Multiple channels integration
No need for plug-ins
'Dixa Channels' for single login
Provides relevant customer data
Conversation history on one screen
Access to knowledge resources
Allows personalized service
'Dixa Conversation Engine' for interaction management
Drag and drop flow builder
Provides reporting and analytics
Offers quality assurance
Agent and team performance tools
Freely adjustable according to business size
Customer experience and loyalty enhancement
Built-in phone feature
Built-in chatbot feature
Built-in Dixa Messenger
Contextual customer view
Dynamic knowledge feature
Conversation timeline
Intelligent routing feature
Quality assurance tools
Agent and team performance analytics
Built-in WhatsApp service
Built-in Facebook Messenger service
Delivers fast and personalized services
Improves team performance
Easy-to-read dashboards
Designed for various industries
Can tailor customer interactions
Built-in QA for team improvement
Demo booking feature
Accessible API documentation
Offers Product Tour
Multiple integrations available
Option for referral program
Option for free trial
Detailed customer stories for credibility
Offered solutions by company size
Offered solutions by roles in the company
Offers solutions per Industry
Compares with other platforms and services


No plug-in support
Limited knowledge resources
Lack intelligent routing
No drag and drop flow builder
MIM chatbot restricted
Unified platform dependency
No offline feature
Limited integration capabilities
No free version
Customer data might be limited


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Can Dixa handle customer interactions over email and social media?
What are the reporting and analytics features of Dixa Discover?
How does Dixa help in personalising customer service?
Can Dixa be used by startups?
How can Dixa help in conversation automation?
How does Dixa aid in interaction management?
What is Dixa's approach to delivering improved customer experiences?
Is AI-driven customer service cost-effective for my business?
Does Dixa support conversations across multiple channels?
How does the Dixa platform integrate AI and automation?
What functions does Dixa's AI chatbot, MIM, perform?

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