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OpenCopilot is an AI copilot tool designed for SaaS products. It enables users to build their own AI copilot that can communicate with underlying APIs and perform complex tasks.

With OpenCopilot, users can upload their APIs and configure them to interact with their system. The tool will then validate the APIs and provide recommendations for any necessary fixes.

OpenCopilot can be easily embedded as a widget on a web application, allowing users to interact with the AI copilot. One of the key features of OpenCopilot is its ability to provide a chat interface that users can utilize to communicate with their backend system.

This means users can make requests using normal text, such as asking for sales data or product recommendations. The chat interface is user-friendly and provides a world-class chat bubble experience.OpenCopilot is an open-source tool, available on GitHub with a significant number of stars and contributions.

It can be self-hosted on a website using a single make install command, giving users full control over their data. The tool is designed to be user-centric and provides a nice chat bubble interface.

Please note that OpenCopilot is not affiliated with Shopify, although it takes inspiration from it. It offers community support and allows users to contribute to its development on GitHub.


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OpenCopilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Interacts with user's APIs
Performs complex tasks
API upload feature
API validation and fixes
Embeddable web widget
User-friendly chat interface
Natural text requests
World-class chat bubble
Open-source on GitHub
High number of stars
Significant community contributions
Can be self-hosted
Single command installation
Full data control
Allows user contributions
User-centric design
Nice chat bubble UI
Offers community support
Perform tasks via text
Handles customer support queries
Designed for SaaS products
Compatible with underlying systems
Useful for sales data
Useful for product recommendations


Requires API configuration
API validation issues
Limited to web applications
Dependent on text commands
Requires self-hosting
Relies on community support
Doesn't offer dedicated support
Open-source drawbacks
Relies heavily on GitHub contributions
Data control required


What is OpenCopilot?
Can OpenCopilot interact with my APIs?
How to upload my API to OpenCopilot?
How does OpenCopilot validate my APIs?
What happens if there are any issues with my APIs?
How to embed OpenCopilot on my web application?
What is the role of the chat interface in OpenCopilot?
How can I ask OpenCopilot for sales data or product recommendations?
How user-friendly is the OpenCopilot chat interface?
Is OpenCopilot an open-source tool?
Can I self-host OpenCopilot on my website?
How to install OpenCopilot on my website?
Does OpenCopilot offer community support?
Can I contribute to the development of OpenCopilot on GitHub?
What type of control does OpenCopilot give over my data?
Is OpenCopilot affiliated with Shopify?
What does it mean that OpenCopilot is user-centric?
How can OpenCopilot help improve customer interaction?
What types of complex tasks can OpenCopilot perform?
How can I use OpenCopilot to enhance my SaaS product?

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