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Personalized voice agent for customer support.

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Agent4 Virtual Agent is an AI tool designed to replace voicemail with virtual agents. This tool enables users to create custom voice experiences for their mobile or business phone, allowing an intelligent agent to answer calls 24/7.

The virtual agents can be personalized with the user's voice and content, and can be connected to their systems. One of the key benefits of Agent4 is its ability to block annoying robocalls.

Users can witness the tool in action by calling a provided number, and then sign up to try it for free. Agent4 Virtual Agent offers various features, such as answering questions, booking meetings, listening to voicemails, and providing summaries.

Users have real-time visibility of calls, enabling them to connect immediately with the caller if desired. The tool also offers sentiment analysis for voicemails, allowing users to quickly identify important messages.

Customization options are available, allowing users to configure the virtual agent to use their own content and access their systems. Multiple users can also monitor a single line if needed.Agent4 Virtual Agent provides pricing options to suit different needs, from a basic virtual agent that answers missed calls and handles general questions, to a full featured experience with custom content integration.

Users can choose between different subscription plans based on their requirements.For more information, users can connect with the Agent4 team by email or download the tool for a quick agent-building process.

Agent4 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 26th 2023.
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Matt Dubois
· Aug 22, 2023
I love this service. I've been looking for a GPT powered answering assistant that can answer questions about my firm and take messages, and Agent4 did this right out of the box in about 5 minutes of setup - and with my own voice answering the questions! I also love that it answered questions about the business based on information available online, without requiring me to provide all the details. It's fantastic, and I haven't found another service that works quite this way. You can also upgrade to create custom models that have even more specific details about you and your business. This is a great app and I hope it continues to grow.
· Aug 1, 2023
If you run into issues, I'd like the opportunity to fix them. We've handled 1000's of calls successfully, but we are definitely new. I'd love a chance to hear about your experience and if I can solve your problem, give you 90 days free to give us a try. Reach me at [email protected] or @agent4ai on X/Twitter.
Stephen Ocean
· Jul 27, 2023
Not ready for prime time. Demo really bad.

Pros and Cons


24/7 Call answering
Personalized voice agents
Anti-robocall features
Offers trial period
Real-time visibility of calls
Voicemail sentiment analysis
User customizable environment
Ability to handle multiple users
Flexibility in subscription plan selection
Aids in booking meetings
Provides voicemail summaries
Supports integration with own content
Capable of accessing user systems
Email support available
Quick setup process
Robocall filtering
Ability to connect with caller immediately


Requires subscription
Limited customization options
No offline functionality
Dependent on user's systems
Limited multi-user features
No API provided
Doesn't specify data privacy
No desktop version
Monthly/Yearly payment model
No Free tier option


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How does Agent4 Virtual Agent handle voicemails?
Can Agent4 Virtual Agent book meetings?
What is the process of setting up Agent4 Virtual Agent?
Can Agent4 Virtual Agent be connected to my systems?
What kind of custom voice experiences can I create using Agent4 Virtual Agent?
How does the real-time visibility of calls work in Agent4 Virtual Agent?
How can I configure Agent4 Virtual Agent to use my custom content?
Is there a limit to how many people can monitor one line in Agent4 Virtual Agent?
Can the Agent4 Virtual Agent answer general questions?

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