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Chuck Gibson
Dec 19, 2023
Love it just to kill robocalls cold... and screen who's calling. I can interrupt it, or get an AI summary of the call or actually read the transcript like a text exchange between caller and AI agent. You can ask it to be quirky or professional. I had my son get it for his plumbing business. With the Gold you get a knowledge base and even scans your website so people can ask business-related questions. It's not perfect out of the box, but for what you get, it's totally worth it, and will only get better. Customer service is very responsive.
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Chuck Gibson
Dec 19, 2023
I can say so far Agent4 is extremely responsive if you have an issue. I set up my phone and my son's business (for which he is extremely grateful) -- just for stopping robocalls in their tracks. He doesn't want to miss business, but he can't get work done answering sales calls. This fixes it. We both love it. It's quite adaptable and uses your own voice if you want. The fact you can use your website for a knowledge base in the upgrade version is a cool feature for a phone service. It handles prompt engineering pretty well for those who are more advanced.


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