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Real-Time Guidance Platform for Contact Centers powered by AI
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Balto is an AI-powered platform designed to offer real-time guidance to contact center agents. It assists in ensuring agents communicate effectively during calls, which is intended to result in happier customers and increased revenue.

Baltos core capabilities include real-time guidance, coaching, and automated note-taking. The real-time guidance provides agents with suggestions on what to say during calls based on the conversation.

Real-time coaching alerts managers of crucial coaching opportunities, enabling them to offer help at the most needed times. The automated note-taking capability streamlines post-call work, creating notes with a single click.

Balto also offers conversational analysis and Quality Assurance (QA), scoring all calls and helping to identify areas of improvement. It integrates with over 60 softphones and several contact center as a service (CCaaS) and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) systems, simplifying agent workflows and speeding up implementation.

The platform is suitable for a range of industries including insurance, financial services, healthcare, retail, and others.


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Balto was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time guidance
Real-time coaching
Automated note-taking
Quality Assurance
Conversational analysis
Simplifies agent workflows
Integrates with 60+ softphones
Quick implementation process
Versatility across industries
Real-time assistance for agents
Crucial coaching alerts
Single click notes
Scoring call quality
Identification of improvement areas
Improves customer communication
Increases revenue
Enhances customer satisfaction
Provides industry-specific solutions
Smart Checklist for agents
Dynamic Prompts for agents
Discourages agents' bad habits
Manager alerts for coaching
Real-time data analytics
Balto's Playbook Designer
Set up weighted criteria
Measure Quality trends
Coaching effectiveness reports
Efficient contact center app
Supports CCaaS, UCaaS systems
Easy agent workflow integration
System for behaviour change


Limited language support
Narrow integration scope
Real-time coaching dependency
Over-reliance on softphones
Automated notes may lack context
Predominantly call-center focused
Standardized conversational analysis
Lacks customizable features
Requires immediate managerial intervention
Limited industry applicability


What is Balto used for?
How does Balto assist contact center agents?
What are the core capabilities of Balto?
How does the real-time guidance feature of Balto work?
How does Balto's real-time coaching feature function?
What is the purpose of Balto's automated note-taking capability?
What benefits does the conversational analysis feature of Balto offer?
What services does Balto's Quality Assurance provide?
How does Balto integrate with softphones, CCaaS, and UCaaS systems?
What industries is Balto suitable for?
How does Balto contribute to customer happiness and increased revenue?
Why is Balto considered a superior choice among its competitors?
What is Balto's Generative AI all about?
What solutions does Balto provide for sales?
How does Balto help in ensuring compliance?
What role does Balto play in improving customer experience?
How does Balto assist in quality assurance?
How can I integrate Balto with my current CCaaS system?
What kind of industries benefit the most from using Balto?
How quickly can Balto be implemented into my company's workflow?

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