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Dasha is an AI-as-a-service platform that enables developers to embed realistic voice and text conversational capabilities into their apps or products.

The platform uses a single integration to create conversational apps for web, desktop, mobile, and call centers. It uses a declarative programming language called DashaScript to design complex conversations that pass a Turing test.

It is compatible with any platform and programming language that is connected to the internet and has access to a speaker/mic. The platform has a VSCode extension for building, managing, and deploying Dasha applications with IntelliSense for DashaScript.

It also has a free tier for builders and testers to kick the tires and run tests. Finally, it has code samples and chat support for text chat, custom intents, and digressions.


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Dasha was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Works on any platform
Uses declarative programming language
Ready for Turing test
Has VSCode extension
Free tier for builders
Various code samples
Supports custom intents
Supports digressions
Text chat capability
Applicable for IoT devices
Integrates with existing infrastructure
Compatible with all programming languages
Provision for real-time external service calls
Visualizes conversational outcomes
Text and voice support
Can run Dasha application
Integrates with various chat applications
Allows for community engagement
Developed by proficient team
Supports call center automation
Supports advanced conversational IVR
Allows self-service for customers
Enables scheduling appointments
Allows WhatsApp, Email, SMS integration
Applicable with RPA tools


Requires knowledge of DashaScript
Requires an internet connection
Requires speaker/mic access
Node.js SDK only in beta
Limited programming language compatibility
Requires VSCode extension for management
Supports only limited external services
May need credit card after training
Limited code sample variety

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