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Inbenta is a global leader in AI and NLU (natural language understanding) technology, providing solutions for Enterprise Search, Ecommerce Search, Chatbots, Support Ticketing, and Knowledge Management.

The company's software is powered by Cookiebot, an online service which uses cookies to personalise content, provide social media features, analyse website traffic and allow for user consent.Necessary cookies are used to enable basic functions like page navigation, while preference cookies remember user settings like language and region.

Inbenta's chatbot technology uses IndexedDB to store data in the user's browser storage, which is then deleted and overwritten when a new conversation is created.The website also uses cookies from providers like Hubspot, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Smartline and YouTube to collect and store data.

These cookies are used to monitor website performance, identify users upon reentry, generate statistical data, and display targeted ads.


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Inbenta was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Global leader in NLU
Enterprise search solution
Ecommerce search functionality
Automated support ticketing
Advanced knowledge management
Personalized content via Cookiebot
Social media features integration
Website traffic analysis
User settings remembered (preferences)
Data retention in browser
Automatic data overwrite
Collects and stores data
Website performance monitoring
User recognition upon revisit
Generate statistical data
Targeted ad displays
Multiple cookie providers
Optimized user experience
Efficient load balancing
Uses indexedDB for storage
Broad array of cookie preferences
Preference cookies for personalization
Local data storage in browser
Effective data deletion system
AWS server cluster optimization
Integrated with multiple software
Effective data synchronization
Supports real-time bidding
Efficient retargeting of users
Tracks user's interaction with website
Used by social networking services
Tracks behavior for statistical purposes
Collects anonymous visitor data


Uses multiple cookies
Stores user data
Requires user consent
IndexedDB data deletion
New conversation overwrites old
Relies on third-party providers
Collects statistical data
Ads displayed based on data
No explicit data security features
No listed multi-language support


What is Inbenta?
What solutions does Inbenta provide?
What kind of technology does Inbenta use?
How does Inbenta use AI and NLU?
Can Inbenta's chatbot store data?
Does Inbenta use cookies? If so, what for?
Who are Inbenta's cookie providers?
What is Inbenta's Enterprise Search?
How does Inbenta use IndexedDB?
What are Inbenta's Support Ticketing features?
Can Inbenta provide solutions for Ecommerce Search?
What is the functionality of Inbenta's Knowledge Management?
Does Inbenta's website use cookies from social media sites?
Does Inbenta use cookies for targeted ads?
How does Inbenta handle customer consent for cookies?
What is 'Cookiebot' in relation to Inbenta?
How does Inbenta comply with privacy policies?
What is Inbenta's role in AI and NLU in global terms?
How does Inbenta's chatbot personalize user content?
Why are cookies necessary for Inbenta's website?

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