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CuServly is an AI-powered chatbot designed to handle customer service operations for business. It is multilingual, with a built-in capacity to resolve user queries in 95 languages instantaneously.

Its key feature is that it can be trained to understand the nuances of any business environment in a simple, straightforward setup process. This is achieved by creating a chatbot using various data sources, including URL, PDF, DOC, TXT, PPT, XLS, and configuring it to answer frequently asked customer support questions easily and promptly.

Furthermore, CuServly offers a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions by providing data analytics and insights into customer queries. Users are also given full access and control of their chatbots knowledge base.

Used in diverse sectors like healthcare, finance/banking, travel/hospitality, HR/recruitment, customer support, and e-commerce, CuServly aims to optimize customer service output by reducing customer support effort by a significant percentage.

The tool operates on a flexible subscription model, appealing to different business sizes and needs.


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CuServly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Multilingual support in 95 languages
Simple setup process
Trains from multiple data sources
Instant query resolution
Provides data analytics
User control over knowledge base
Applicable to wide sectors
Optimises customer service efforts
Flexible subscription model
Chatbot customizable
Free 7 day trial
Unlimited messages in all plans
Integrates with various websites
Data encryption on cloud
Visibility of most asked questions
Advanced parsing mode for improved training
Secure data privacy
WordPress compatible integration
Drafting questions-answers in Knowledgebase view


Data size limits
No free version
Only supports 95 languages
Flexible pricing can be confusing
Requires manual configuration
File type restrictions
Subscription cancellation unclear
No guarantees on data parsing accuracy


What is CuServly?
How does CuServly work?
How quickly can CuServly resolve user queries?
How does CuServly's multilingual support feature work?
Can CuServly be trained to understand the nuances of my specific business environment?
How can I configure CuServly to answer frequently asked customer support questions?
What data sources can be used to create a CuServly chatbot?
Can I have full control and access to CuServly's knowledge base?
How does CuServly assist in customer interaction analyses?
Can CuServly be used in the healthcare sector?
Which subscription model should I choose for my business size and needs?
What is CuServly's pricing structure?
Can I use CuServly in the finance/banking sector?
What insights and analytics does CuServly offer on customer queries?
How does CuServly perform in an HR/recruitment environment?
Can I integrate CuServly into my e-commerce platform?
Can CuServly be used for business optimization?
How do I access the chatbot training feature on CuServly?
What aspects of customer service can CuServly optimize?
How many languages does CuServly support?

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