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Transform your phone system with a custom AI Bot
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Paka AI is an AI-driven phone system that is designed to transform customer interactions and improve customer support. It utilises conversational AI bots to answer customer calls, provide information, and properly route calls to the right department based on the customers' needs.

The AI bots can be customised based on specific business requirements, providing a more tailored and efficient customer experience. This system is capable of handling inquiries round the clock, allowing businesses to focus on other aspects of their operation.Paka AI also offers a custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that can handle common queries, therefore freeing up the users' staff in addressing more complex requests.

This system is equipped with an AI-powered routing mechanism that ensures accurate connection with the appropriate representatives, aiming to increase time efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.Additionally, Paka AI includes a message center where customers can leave queries after business hours, ensuring that their needs will be addressed in a timely manner.

This tool strives to offer a seamless and interactive customer experience through its custom IVR solutions, conversational AI bots, and secure message center.


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Paka AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms phone systems
Provides 24/7 customer support
Efficient call routing
Handles business-specific requirements
Frees up staff time
Custom Intelligent Voice Response
Addresses common queries
Secure message center
Support after business hours
Seamless customer interaction
Improves customer satisfaction
Automated call handling
Flexible to business needs
Scalable service
Smart, secure solutions
High customer feedback
Significant customer satisfaction improvement
Personalized customer experience
Time-saving for businesses
Saves call history
Offers free trial
Flexible pricing plans


Limited customisation options
Unknown reliability of routing
No multilingual support
Requires user data training
Limited scale options
Mixed performance in varying accents
No integration listed
Requires business hours
Unknown security measures
No text-to-speech feature


What is Paka AI?
How does Paka AI improve customer interactions?
Can the AI bots in Paka AI be customized to fit my business needs?
Does Paka AI provide 24/7 customer support?
What is the purpose of Paka AI's custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system?
How does Paka AI handle complex customer queries?
What is the AI-powered routing mechanism in Paka AI?
What is the function of the message center in Paka AI?
Can customers leave queries after business hours in Paka AI's message center?
How does Paka AI contribute to improving customer satisfaction?
What kind of customer experience does Paka AI aim to provide?
Can Paka AI route calls accurately to the appropriate department?
Does Paka AI offer a custom bot creation service?
How can Paka AI help in improving the efficiency of business operations?
Are the AI Bots of Paka AI trained on specific data of my business?
Does Paka AI offer flexible pricing plans?
What client testimonials are there about Paka AI services?
Does Paka AI offer a free trial?
Where can I sign up for Paka AI?
What countries is Paka AI service available in?

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