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Enhanced chat support with generated responses.
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Docs AI is an AI tool that enables users to create a customized AI support agent by training it with their documents, such as websites, text, PDF, and DOCX.

The user can build the agent with just three simple steps, which involve adding data to the agent, testing its performance by asking various questions, and embedding it to their website with only one line of code.

Docs AI offers multiple sources, which means the user can add as many documents as they want to the same agent. The tool also allows the user to suggest better answers to the bot and integrates with Slack, with other data sources like DB integration and Crisp and Discord integration coming soon.

Docs AI also offers APIs, which enable custom integration with the user's website, and is open source, which means that the source code is publicly available on GitHub.

The tool offers unlimited search and summary insights for each conversation, allowing users to evaluate the chatbot's performance and obtain customer mood measurement.

Docs AI has various use cases, including customer support agents, HR bots, or customized agents for any purpose the user can imagine. Overall, Docs AI simplifies the process of creating a customized AI support agent that works across multiple documents and sources, allowing users to integrate it directly into their website and obtain valuable insights into customer conversations.


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DocsAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Simple 3-step setup
Website integration with single code line
Multiple sources for a single agent
User can improve bot's responses
Integration with Slack
Future DB and Crisp integration
Open-source code on GitHub
Unlimited search capacity
Conversation summary & mood measurement
Applicable for HR bots
APIs available for custom integration
Star on Github to support
Generates conversation summaries
Various document type support
Embeddable in any website
Document search when credits over
User can suggest better answers
Add multiple documents to bot
PDF and DOCX support


No live human backup
Limited current integrations
DB integration not available
Crisp, Discord integrations pending
Feedback-based learning required
Summary feature only in Pro
Maintenance depends on Open Source interest
Text based documents only
No voice compatibility
Bot lacks personality customization


What is Docs AI?
What kind of documents can I train Docs AI with?
How many documents or sources can I add to Docs AI?
What are the three steps to building an agent with Docs AI?
How can I test the performance of my Docs AI agent?
How do I embed Docs AI into my website?
What happens if I do not like the answers provided by my Docs AI agent?
Is Docs AI open source and where can I find the code?
Which platforms does Docs AI currently integrate with?
Are there any upcoming integrations for Docs AI?
How can I use the APIs provided by Docs AI?
What does unlimited search in Docs AI mean?
How can I get summary and insights for each conversation?
What is mood measurement in Docs AI?
How can I use Docs AI for customer support?
What are the other possible use cases for Docs AI?
How does Docs AI provide HR bot functionality?
Can Docs AI generate a summary for each conversation?
Can Docs AI read through chats and provide suggestions?
Can I integrate Docs AI with tools like Crisp?

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