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Revolutionize customer support with AI-enabled knowledge base.
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Inline Help offers an AI-enabled tool designed to revolutionize the way businesses offer customer support. It turns your knowledge base into an instant proactive support aid, aiming to enhance the user experience and drive operational efficiency.

Inline Help works by allowing the users to tap on any part of a website to instantly receive insights. It essentially eliminates the need for manual tooltips, with the AI component handling these aspects and thus enabling easy guidance at all times.

Inline Help's objective is to answer customer queries before they ask, aiming for a seamless user experience. It also places a high priority on security, emphasizing its compliance with ISO27001 and GDPR standards.

The tool has been trusted by various companies worldwide. It can be used by both individuals and organizations to streamline the issue-resolution process and enhance the overall user experience.


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Inline Help was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 6th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Turns knowledge base into support
Enhances user experience
Drives operational efficiency
Instant website insights
Seamless user experience
Security prioritized
Complies with ISO27001
Complies with GDPR standards
Used by individuals and organizations
Streamlines issue-resolution process
In-App Contextual Mastery
No-code tool interaction
Real-Time Intelligent Responses
Integrated support hub
User-centric journey knowledge base
Hassle-Free Issue Reporting
Support in Six Languages


No multilingual support
Requires website integration
Lack of advanced analytics
No free plan available
Depends on pre-existing knowledge base
No offline functionality
Limited customization options
Relies heavily on tooltips
Limited to six languages


What is the main function of Inline Help?
How does Inline Help provide proactive support?
What's the interaction between Inline Help and a website?
How does Inline Help handle tooltips?
How does Inline Help aim to answer customer queries?
How does Inline Help prioritize security?
What compliance standards does Inline Help meet?
What types of companies have used Inline Help?
Can individuals use Inline Help or is it only for businesses?
How does Inline Help contribute to operational efficiency?
What role does AI play in Inline Help?
Is Inline Help's AI able to provide guidance at all times?
How does Inline Help streamline the issue-resolution process?
How does Inline Help enhance user experience?
What languages does Inline Help support?
How can Inline Help convert a knowledge base into a proactive support tool?
Is there a need for coding to integrate the Inline Help tooltips?
Does Inline Help have an In-App integration feature?
What are the key features of Inline Help's Chatbot?
How does Inline Help's widget centralize support tools?

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