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Automate customer service with AI-driven platform.
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DeepConverse is an advanced artificial intelligence platform aimed at automating customer service processes. Through the use of AI chatbots, DeepConverse enhances customer experience and contributes towards business growth.

The AI tool's key capabilities include the use of next-generation support chatbots to facilitate more efficient and guided support, and interactive decision trees for handling complex tickets.

DeepConverse also utilizes an Answer Engine, leveraging existing knowledge resources for quick launching. The system integrates with Zendesk LiveChat, featuring agent handover capabilities where it can rapidly scan for relevant support agents.

It provides rich analytics which help in making informed decision and saving support costs, coupled with an in-built form builder for streamlining support processes.

DeepConverse is programmed with more than 50 integrations, delivering versatile compatibility. It supports various channels including web, email and messages through Facebook Messenger and SMS.

DeepConverse is applicable across several industries such as gaming, retail, education, consumer electronics and more, offering automated and enhanced support experience for various customer queries.


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DeepConverse was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 25th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Advanced customer service automation
Next-generation support chatbots
Interactive decision trees
Rapid agent handover
Versatile with 50+ integrations
Supports web, email, Messenger, SMS
Applicable across various industries
Built-in form builder
Rich support analytics
Enhances customer experience
Improves business growth
Leverages existing knowledge resources
Streamlines support process
Zendesk LiveChat integration
Efficient and guided support
Handles complex customer tickets
Quick launching Answer Engine
Leverages leading NLP engine
Includes a No-code flow builder
Native integration with automation builder
Handoff to agents via callback
Measures CSAT for chatbots and agents
Engages with repeat visitors
Offers product warranty automation
Provides passwordless experience
Supports chatbot to chatbot handoff
Craiglist integration
Provides conversational support
Supports ticket automation
Interactive guides connect to knowledge sources


Integration limited to Zendesk LiveChat
Overly complex setup process
Depends heavily on existing knowledge resources
Limited list of integrations
Unclear about data security protocols
Unused mockup text present
No API mentioned
No mobile application mentioned
Lacks multilingual functionality


What is DeepConverse?
How does DeepConverse automate customer service processes?
What are the key capabilities of DeepConverse?
What is the purpose of DeepConverse's Answer Engine?
How does DeepConverse integrate with Zendesk LiveChat?
What does 'agent handover capabilities' mean in DeepConverse?
How can DeepConverse help in making informed decisions and saving support costs?
What functionality does DeepConverse's in-built form builder provide?
What platforms or systems can DeepConverse integrate with?
Which communication channels does DeepConverse support?
In which industries can DeepConverse be used?
What kind of support does DeepConverse provide for customer queries?
How does DeepConverse enhance customer experience and contribute towards business growth?
How does DeepConverse utilize AI chatbots for efficient and guided support?
What are the interactive decision trees in DeepConverse used for?
How does DeepConverse handle complex customer support tickets?
What are the rich analytics provided by DeepConverse?
How can DeepConverse streamline support processes?
What is the purpose of DeepConverse's 50+ integrations?
Can DeepConverse be used for email and SMS support?

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