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Automated low-code CX for customer service.
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Kodif is a low-code CX platform that enables non-technical teams to build powerful customer experience (CX) flows, conduct tests and run experiments without requiring any coding skills.

It is powered by GPT-4 and ChatGPT, providing AI capabilities for customer support automation. The platform offers an AI Agent Assistant, self-service options, and workflows to empower agents to provide consistent and error-free customer service, resulting in increased CSAT, reduced onboarding time, reduced handle time, and increased deflection rates.

Kodif also offers specific use cases, such as Refund, WISMO, Proactive Outreach, Subscription Management, and Risk & Fraud Prevention. Kodif's guided automated workflows help agents prioritize high-value customers and focus on resolving important issues.

The platform boasts stringent data security measures in place, including being HIPAA compliant and AICPA SOC certified.Kodif indicates that a 25% reduction in average onboarding time, 40% reduction in average handle time, 30% increase in average deflection rate, and a 93% increase in average CSAT for self-service have been achieved using their low-code CX platform.

Kodif offers case studies with Byte, Reservebar, and Good Eggs as examples of how their platform has been implemented with successful results. Kodif allows for booking a demo and offers contact information via email or phone.

The platform also utilizes essential and tracking cookies to understand how users interact with it.


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Pros and Cons


Low-code platform
Supports non-technical teams
Self-service options
Customizable workflows
Increase in CSAT
Decreased onboarding time
Reduced handle time
Increased deflection rates
Specific use cases
HIPAA compliant
Data security measures
Achieved results showcased
White paper resources
Multiple successful case studies
Customer support automation
Contact options (email, phone)
Test and run experiments
Guided automated workflows
Agent focus prioritization
Contextual customer data utilization
Refund decision automation
Subscription management function
Risk & fraud prevention
Proactive outreach facilitation
Stringent data security measures
Integration with CX platforms
Reduced agent workflow steps
Churn reducing capabilities
Personalized offers for customers
Anti-fraud rules and templates
Consultation option for demo
Web, mobile, email channels
Customer satisfaction increase
Reduced customer support expenses
Increased agent utilization
99% self-service accuracy
One-click action provisioning
User interaction tracking
Customer self-serve empowerment
Consistent service delivery
Agent error reduction
QA requirement decrease
Multi-platform accessibility
Increased revenue potential
Agent morale improvement
Saves CX agent hours


Lacks transparency in cost
Requires trust in automated responses
Limited use case specificity
Reduced control for technical teams
No direct user interface (UI) customization
Might fail on complex queries
Not for companies with small traffic
Limited integration with other softwares


What is Kodif?
How does Kodif use AI in customer support automation?
What are the key features of Kodif?
Can I use Kodif without any coding skills?
What is the AI Agent Assistant in Kodif?
How does Kodif help in reducing average onboarding time?
How does Kodif ensure data security?
Is Kodif HIPAA compliant and AICPA SOC certified?
What are some specific use cases of Kodif?
How can Kodif increase CSAT for self-service?
How does Kodif help agents prioritize high-value customers?
What are some businesses that have used Kodif?
How does Kodif's self-service option work?
How does Kodif help in reducing average handle time for customer support?
Does Kodif offer any case studies?
Can I book a demo for Kodif?
What is the role of ChatGPT in Kodif?
How can I contact Kodif?
Does Kodif have any specific measures in place for risk and fraud prevention?
What is Kodif's approach to subscription management?

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