Customer support 2023-09-15
Help Center creation and embedding for websites.
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Synced is an AI tool that allows users to easily create and embed a Help Center on their website using Notion, a content creation platform. With Synced, users can enhance their existing workflow in Notion by writing and managing help documentation directly within the platform, eliminating the need to learn a new tool.

The tool automatically generates a Help Center site and widget based on the content created in Notion, which can be seamlessly embedded into their website or application.One of the key features of Synced is its ability to provide contextual help within the application itself, allowing users to access relevant information and guidance without leaving the app.

The tool utilizes natural language search capabilities to assist users in finding the information they need quickly.Synced also offers customization options to match the branding of the user's website, including the ability to add logos, headers, and footers.

The tool ensures a modern and clean user interface for the Help Center site, and it is optimized for search engines, with automatic SEO optimization and fast loading speeds.Users have the flexibility to host the Help Center on their own domain, subdomain, or even within a specific path.

This enables them to benefit from SEO advantages and maintain branding consistency.Overall, Synced is a powerful tool that streamlines the process of creating and embedding a Help Center on a website using Notion.

It offers valuable features such as contextual help, customization options, and SEO optimization, making it a useful solution for businesses and organizations looking to provide comprehensive support to their users.


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