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Introducing Fin by Intercom, a breakthrough AI bot that uses the latest GPT-4 technology to accurately and immediately answer customer questions, reducing support volume and resolution times.

Fin requires zero setup and can be easily turned on with the ability to hold complete support conversations in plain English, powered by Intercom's proprietary machine learning.

Fin provides trustworthy and accurate answers based on your existing support content, ensuring that customers are provided with relevant and helpful responses.

Fin is the world's most advanced AI, fine-tuned for support and can understand complex queries, ask clarifying questions, and explain complicated subjects clearly.

Fin is seamlessly integrated, requiring zero setup, and starts working immediately by learning from the company's existing support articles. As a result, customers can get the best possible experience every time, seamlessly passing more complex questions directly to your human support team.

Fin only provides answers based on the company's support knowledge base, dramatically increasing accuracy and reducing misleading answers. With built-in safeguards to avoid off-brand topics, Fin ensures a trustworthy source for customers to obtain information.

Customers can trust Fin's responses as they link to source materials, allowing for additional research and a deeper understanding of the response. Fin is continuously being improved to reduce edge case failures, and the bot also routes more complex queries directly to the human support team, saving time and effort.

Fin combines natural language processing, machine learning, and OpenAI's GPT-4 to provide a cutting-edge solution for customer support.


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Fin by Intercom was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Zero setup required
Immediate answers to queries
Understanding complex customer queries
Ask clarifying questions
Explain complicated subjects
Learning from existing support articles
Accurate on-company-support knowledge base
Avoidance of off-brand topics
Links to source materials for trust
Continuous improvements to reduce failures
Reroutes complex queries to humans
Saves team time and effort
Bypasses the need for creating content
Bypasses the need for building bot paths
Reducing support volume
Reducing resolution times


Only supports English initially
Doesn't support custom training
No option for manual setup
Only learns from current articles
Only routes complex queries
Doesn’t provide real-time updates


What is Fin by Intercom?
How does Fin use GPT-4 technology?
Does Fin need any setup on the part of the business?
How does Fin provide accurate answers?
What technology does Fin use to understand complex queries?
What support information does Fin use to provide responses?
What measures are in place to avoid Fin providing off-brand or misleading answers?
How does Fin learn from a business' existing support content?
How is Fin integrated into my existing customer support system?
Does the performance or accuracy of Fin improve over time?
How does Fin handle questions too complex for it to answer?
Does Fin use natural language processing and machine learning?
In what language does Fin provide support?
How does Fin link to source materials?
How do I get started with Fin by Intercom?
What safeguards are in place to ensure Fin's responses align with my business' brand?
Does using Fin require I build new content or bot paths?
How does Fin handle handovers to human support teams?
How can Fin reduce my support volume and resolution times?
Why should I trust Fin as a source of customer support?

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