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CloudupAI is an AI tool that offers the ChatGPT Chatbot for businesses to integrate into their customer support agent services. This tool allows businesses to enhance their customer support by quickly and effectively addressing inquiries.

With CloudupAI, businesses can create and customize their own ChatGPT chatbot, which can auto-reply to 99% of customer queries.One of the notable features of CloudupAI is its bulk prompting capability.

Users can upload an Excel file with prompts and the tool automatically fills in the corresponding answers. It also provides over 20 AI tools that are powered by advanced prompts, which enable businesses to receive specific and beneficial content.Additionally, CloudupAI offers bulk translation functionality.

Users can upload an Excel file containing content to be translated and select target languages. CloudupAI then automatically fills in the translated results in the Excel file.The tool also allows users to export AI-generated social media post content to an Excel spreadsheet, which can then be imported into Canva for bulk creation.CloudupAI aims to save businesses time and bring benefits by automating repetitive support tasks and eliminating the need for manual translations.

The tool offers a free trial with various features for a limited time, and a monthly paid plan with unlimited access to advanced features, multiple chatbots, and unlimited exports.Overall, CloudupAI provides businesses with a comprehensive solution to improve their customer support efficiency and save time in managing chatbot responses, translations, and content generation.


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