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Breezemail is an AI-driven tool designed to organize your email inbox by categorizing your emails. The tool is especially created to cut down inbox chaos by efficiently separating important emails from those that can be categorized.

It utilizes AI to recognize which emails are crucial and ensures they stay in your inbox. As for the less important emails, Breezemail organizes them into smart categories.

The algorithm uses natural language processing to create these categories, making it easier for users to locate specific emails, such as those related to 'finance and investing.' In addition, it offers pre-defined categories like Newsletters, Purchases, Social, Promotion, and Travel for easy email organization.

Breezemail is built to function as an extension over your email inbox, currently supported by Outlook with a planned launch for Gmail. The tool places a high priority on security and privacy, only retaining data necessary for its functionalities, without involvement in selling or sharing user data.

The content of your email is processed by CHATGPT, which categorizes email contents. Breezemail does not store any content on its servers and encrypts all access tokens and user credentials, ensuring a secure user experience.


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Apr 17, 2024
how far back in years does it got or can you choose the time frame? some of us have 10k emails to extract value from ideally some day....
Apr 17, 2024
Currently, the tool goes only 14 days back in time, but we plan to create a full inbox scan for all past emails.
Apr 15, 2024
Hey AI fans, I am Kalo, co-founder of Breezemail. If your inbox is anything like mine, you spend at least 20% of your life opening, answering, and unsubscribing from emails. Arguably, the only thing more tedious than this is fixing your grandma’s Windows XP (arguably). Or you just gave up, and your inbox app has a cute red dot with a truncation ellipsis (…), also known as the symbol of inbox doom. Either way, the whole inbox situation is an absolute disaster. We wanted to solve this challenge using AI. Breezemail will help you enter the holy land of Inbox Zero. It’s an email categorizer tool that keeps important emails in your inbox and categorizes the rest into folders using natural language prompts. How does it work? 1. Breezemail has a default Important category which leaves all your real human emails in your inbox. 2. Everything else is organized into AI folders (or labels). Labels using natural language prompts, for example, “All emails from my family”. 3. We give you a bunch of pre-defined categories to start with, and you can create your own custom categories, the same way you would write a ChatGPT prompt (yes, our tool also uses ChatGPT). We’ve been testing it in-house for both our personal and business emails, and it worked so well that I no longer hate link builders and outreach people because their requests are neatly organized into a couple of folders. For my personal inbox, I can finally see all my receipts in one place, and all stock newsletters are ready for daily review in a different folder. Go try it out now for free. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please don’t be shy and drop me a line back. Currently, the tool is only available for Outlook, but we are working on a Gmail app, too. If you’d like to try it for Gmail, please let us know. Thank you, Kalo

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Breezemail was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 12th 2024.

Pros and Cons


Categorizes emails efficiently
NLP-based categorization
Separates crucial emails
Custom smart categories
Pre-defined categories
Outlook extension
Upcoming Gmail support
Doesn't retain user data
Doesn't sell user data
Email content processed by CHATGPT
No content stored on servers
Encrypts access tokens
Encrypts user credentials
High security and privacy
Easy email organization
Automated email filtering
Inbox chaos management
Notify for important emails
Attachments are also categorized
User-defined categories
Subscription-based model
No ads
Revocable mailbox access
Enables targeted search
Helps reduce clutter
Increases productivity
Personalized email organization


Only supports Outlook currently
Gmail support unimplemented
Requires extension installation
Subscription based, not free
Runs on CHATGPT only
No support for other email providers
Limited advanced filtering options


What is Breezemail?
How does Breezemail utilize AI for organizing my emails?
How does Breezemail distinguish important emails from less important ones?
What are the 'smart categories' in Breezemail?
How does Breezemail use natural language processing to categorize my emails?
What are the pre-defined categories available in Breezemail?
How does Breezemail work with my existing Outlook inbox?
When is the Gmail support for Breezemail launching?
What type of data Breezemail retains from the user emails?
Does Breezemail sell or share my data with third parties?
How does Breezemail process my email contents using CHATGPT?
Will Breezemail store the content of my emails on their servers?
How secure is Breezemail?
How does Breezemail encrypt the user credentials?
What's the cost for using Breezemail's services?
How can I grant or revoke Breezemail's access to my mailbox?
Does Breezemail have advertisements or additional in-app purchases?
What are the benefits of Breezemail's AI-driven categorization over traditional categorization methods?
Can I create my own categories in Breezemail?
How do I subscribe to get notified when Breezemail for Gmail launches?

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