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Making cold email outreach simple and efficient.
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GetMails is an automated tool designed to streamline and simplify cold email outreach. It aims to remove the typically laborious and repetitive tasks associated with these outreach efforts, by utilizing AI and automation functionalities.

The AI feature effectively assists with the composition and setup of email campaigns, and the automation functionality optimizes the campaign setup process, with the capacity to schedule emails for a full month within a short timeframe.

GetMails provides the flexibility to connect multiple email accounts without additional charges, recommended for improving campaign deliverability as you scale your outreach.

The platform is optimized to maximize email deliverability, with powerful, data-backed algorithms to determine the optimum time to send each email and select the most suitable email account.

Built-in email verification serves to further augment results, ensuring a higher rate of successful deliveries. GetMails includes a feature to create email copies using dynamic AI assistance, rendering it a valuable tool in the setup and execution of effective and scalable cold email outreach campaigns.


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Pros and Cons


Automated cold email outreach
Streamlines repetitive outreach tasks
Optimized campaign setup process
Full month email scheduling
Connect multiple email accounts
No additional fees for accounts
Optimizes email deliverability
Data-backed email timing
Built-in email verification
Successful delivery rate enhancement
Creates email copies dynamically
Scalable outreach campaigns
Email marketing capabilities
Universal email automation
Powerful delivery algorithms
Efficient setup and execution
No inbox per charge
Unlimited account linking
Flexible campaign design
Inbuilt verification for results
Detailed copywriting automation
Business scaling capabilities


No API integration
Only email outreach
Lacks advanced analytics
Limited template customization
Overly simplistic interface
Scaling may impact deliverability
No multilingual support
Absence of integrated CRM
Can't segment audience
No A/B Testing


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