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Optimize your cold emails for more replies.
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The Cold Email Roaster & Re-Writer is a Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) that provides feedback and revision services for cold emails to enhance user responses.

The GPT operates by first 'roasting,' or critiquing, the initial cold email text. Following the critique, it utilizes AI algorithms to re-compose the cold email, optimizing it for increased recipient engagement.

Developed by, this GPT is designed to boost the efficacy of email marketing campaigns. Despite its remarkable capabilities, it requires the use of ChatGPT Plus.

The GPT offers a prompt-based user system, with the example prompt being 'I want to optimize 1 cold email.' Therefore, it allows users to focus on specific optimization queries.

By transforming poorly constructed cold emails into lively, engaging, and appealing communication, this GPT aims to improve the response rates and overall success of your email correspondence.


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