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Automated email marketing analysis and automation.
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Mailytic is a beta email analytics tool that offers AI-driven insights and automation without requiring any additional code. With one-step configuration, users can easily change their SMTP URL to begin tracking various email metrics, including conversion rate, open rate, spam, bounces, and user-by-user analytics.The tool's AI capabilities enable users to uncover hidden and important analytics, such as AB testing and automatic text changes.

Additionally, Mailytic offers AI-driven automation features that allow users to automatically send personalized emails for various purposes, including cold emails, abandoned carts, newsletters, thank-you emails, automatic admin reminders, customer retention, and new offers.

Users have the ability to review and edit each email before it is sent.Mailytic also provides a database functionality that automatically creates a comprehensive database with all user information.

Users can import and export data in .csv format or via JSON API.The tool offers advanced segmentation, automated email sequences and scheduling, autoresponders, email templates, and recommendations for email best practices.

It also supports multilingual capabilities.Mailytic is currently in beta, and interested users can join the waitlist. The tool offers a free one-month Enterprise Plan coupon for early sign-ups, and thereafter, users can choose to continue using the Enterprise Plan for $199/month or explore other plans such as Pro or Free.

Mailytic is powered by Destack, an open source page builder.


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Mailytic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


One-step configuration
Tracks multiple metrics
Automates personalised emails
Email review before sending
Built-in database functionality
Import/export via .csv or JSON
Advanced customer segmentation
Automated email sequences
Email scheduling
Email templates provided
Email best-practices recommendations
Multilingual support
Free trial for early sign-ups
Powered by Destack
AB testing
Automatic text changes
User-to-user analytics
Measures spam/bounces


In Beta stage
Requires SMTP URL change
Limited data export formats
Expensive after trial
Relies on pre-set templates
Manual review of emails
Limited to email channel
No mention of security
No mobile app
Single language support


What is Mailytic?
What are the key features of Mailytic?
What type of analytics does Mailytic provide on emails?
How does Mailytic utilize AI in automation?
Can I edit the emails Mailytic auto-generates?
What type of emails can Mailytic auto-generate and send?
Is it possible to export and import data in Mailytic?
What formats does Mailytic support for data import/export?
Does Mailytic offer segmentation features?
What kind of email best practice recommendations does Mailytic provide?
Does Mailytic support functionalities in multiple languages?
Is Mailytic currently accessible to everyone?
How can I join the Mailytic waitlist?
What is the cost of Mailytic after the free one-month trial?
What other plans does Mailytic offer?
What does the one-step configuration in Mailytic entail?
What is the connection between Mailytic and Destack?
How does Mailytic handle bounced emails and spam?
Can I schedule emails in Mailytic?
How will early sign-ups benefit from Mailytic?

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