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Create AI-driven hyper-personalized cold emails instantly.
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CoolOutreachAI is an AI-driven tool specifically designed to aid sales professionals of B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) companies with their outreach.

It focuses on creating highly personalized, relevant, and conversion-optimized cold emails. The tool's operation is straightforward. Users input their company's description and the Ideal Customer Profile's (ICP) LinkedIn URL, and the tool generates multiple email sequences.

The AI is trained in best cold email practices, enabling it to consistently deliver emails that cater directly to the specific recipient, enhancing personalization and relevance.

This high level of personalization is based on the prospect's LinkedIn information, with results praised for their appropriate structure and tone. The tool is beneficial to users in that it conducts the in-depth research required for personalization, saving time and improving efficiency.

Beyond initial outreach, the application offers capabilities for multi-sequence cold emailing, further extending its utility. It should be noted that the pricing model operates on a monthly subscription, with varying levels of service and cost.


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Pros and Cons


B2B SaaS focused
Hyper-personalized cold emails
Uses LinkedIn data
Generates multiple sequences
Personalization based on prospect's LinkedIn
Conducts in-depth personalization research
Saves user's time
Multi-sequence cold emailing
Monthly subscription pricing
Improves outreach efficiency
User-friendly operation
Testimonials praise structure and tone
Suitable even for low-quality input
Produces modern structured emails
Writes short, direct mails
Tailored for high reader attention
Creates human-like, well thought out emails
Automates research processes
Increases email writing speed 84X
Boosts conversions by 26%
107 data points targeting
Efficient multi-sequence results
Schedule a time with Sales team
CRM Integration available


Limited to LinkedIn input
Over-reliance on prospect's LinkedIn info
No CRM integration
Only useful for SaaS B2B
Monthly subscription model
Costly on higher usage
Manual company's description input
No free version
No input format variety
Targeting limited to LinkedIn data


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