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Personalize your cold emails in seconds.
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Cold Pitch is an advanced AI assistant designed to assist with personalizing and automating cold outbound email campaigns. The tool deeply analyzes a prospect's LinkedIn profiles or company websites to produce personalized emails that aim to drive conversion rates and increase response rates.

By leveraging AI and Machine Learning, Cold Pitch can find details overlooked by most sales representatives, giving users an advantage in their campaigns.

The personalisation features mean each email can be tailored specifically to the recipient, increasing the probability of a positive response. Furthermore, Cold Pitch has the ability to scale outreach campaigns, and replaces the need for hiring additional staff for the task, thereby saving resources.

The tool is also designed to enhance a sales pipeline and speed up conversions by providing instant access to contextual account insights. Users have praised the system for its authenticity, consistency and its ability to automate the process of email marketing.

This AI tool requires LinkedIn profile URLs or company website URLs as inputs to draft personalized opening lines for each email, optimizing the process with minimal post-editing required.


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Pros and Cons


Personalizes cold emails
Analyzes LinkedIn profiles
Analyzes company websites
Enhances conversion rates
Increases response rates
Finds overlooked details
Scales outreach campaigns
Saves hiring resources
Speeds up conversions
Provides account insights
Requires minimal post-editing
Authentic and consistent
Automates email marketing
Personalized opening lines
9000% faster than SDR
3x better than competitors
40x faster outreach
8x more replies
6x cheaper solution
Improves reply rates
Achieves hyper-personalization
In-depth research capabilities
Boosts sales pipeline
Produces 5 different lines
Writes 1000 intros per hour


Requires LinkedIn or website URLs
Reliance on single data source
Limited to email personalization
No native CRM integration
Doesn't support other marketing channels
Risk of over-automation
May not reflect unique selling propositions
Unsuitable for non-sales applications
Potential for privacy breaches
No multilingual support


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Can Cold Pitch analyze company websites?
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