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Boost sales with personalized email & lead generation.
Generated by ChatGPT

SalesGPT is an AI-powered tool that enhances sales productivity by generating personalized cold emails. The tool integrates with LinkedIn, allowing it to learn about prospects and create customized emails tailored to their specific needs and interests.

It can generate hundreds of personalized cold emails in just a few minutes, including follow-up emails and first lines for each prospect.In addition to generating emails, SalesGPT can also assist in lead generation.

By providing a concise description of the ideal leads, the tool utilizes the power of ChatGPT to quickly find well-matched prospects along with their LinkedIn profile URLs and email IDs.

This enables a seamless connection with potential clients based on their specific business requirements.As for accessing SalesGPT, users can request access by submitting their email address.

Access is granted on a weekly basis, with priority given to users based on their rank, which is determined by the number of referrals they generate. The tool offers different pricing tiers, starting at $9 per month, and users can try it out for free with the first 5 AI-generated cold emails provided at no charge.SalesGPT plans to integrate with popular CRM and email tools such as Gmail, MailChimp, and Salesforce.

It allows users to easily access their history of AI-generated cold emails, and they can request the removal of their data from the records upon request.

However, it is important to note that third-party tools like OpenAI are involved, and SalesGPT cannot guarantee their data retention policies.For further information, users can refer to SalesGPT's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized cold emails
Integrates with LinkedIn
Quick generation of hundreds of emails
Assists in lead generation
Uses power of ChatGPT
Weekly access grants
Priority access based on referrals
Multiple pricing tiers
Free trial with 5 emails
Plan to integrate with Gmail
Plan to integrate with MailChimp
Plan to integrate with Salesforce
Access to email history
Option to remove data
Privacy Policy available
Terms of Service available


Linkedin integration only
Limited free trial
Priority access based on referrals
Unsure third-party data policies
Pending CRM and email integrations
Access request required
History removal request necessary
Data retention not guaranteed
Access granted weekly


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What does it mean by rankings in SalesGPT?
How is the ranking determined in SalesGPT?
What is the pricing of SalesGPT?
Is there a free trial available for SalesGPT?
What integrations does SalesGPT plan to offer in the future?
How can I access the history of AI-generated emails in SalesGPT?
How can I request data removal in SalesGPT?
Does SalesGPT guarantee the data retention policies of third-party tools?
What is included in SalesGPT's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?
How can I submit a request for access to SalesGPT?
What is the turnaround time for access approval in SalesGPT?
Can SalesGPT tailor emails to the specific needs of prospects?
How fast can SalesGPT generate personalized cold emails?


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