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Personalized first lines generated for cold emails.
Generated by ChatGPT

First Line GPT is an AI tool designed to help businesses improve their cold email response rates with personalized, automatic and scalable first lines.

It scrapes LinkedIn data fields and uses advanced ChatGPT prompts and processes to generate personalized first lines for each prospect in a CSV file, generating up to 3000 lines per month at a cost of $49.

By adding personalized first lines, businesses increase their chances of standing out in busy inboxes and receiving replies from their prospects. First Line GPT claims that personalized emails can almost double open rates and improve reply rates by 60% because prospects are more likely to engage with a message that is tailored to their interests, background, education, location or achievements.

Moreover, without personalized first lines, businesses could see their sales opportunities decrease by 30% because generic and unpersonalized emails fail to stand out in a crowded market.

First Line GPT offers a Pro Plan that includes other features such as unlimited credit roll over, unlimited projects and LinkedIn information scraping.

The tool guarantees a success rate of 85-90% with generating first lines, which are ready to use and don't require editing. First Line GPT aims at providing users with an efficient and affordable solution to personalize their cold email campaigns, without the need to spend hours or hundreds of dollars on manual research and copywriting.


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Pros and Cons


Generates 3000 lines monthly
Cost-effective at $49/month
LinkedIn data scraping
Personalized based on LinkedIn data
ChatGPT for quality generation
Claims to double open rates
60% improvement in reply rates
Prevent sales decrease by 30%
Unlimited credit roll over
Allows unlimited projects
85-90% generation success rate
No editing required
First lines come ready-to-use
Designed for ease and affordability
Supports scalable email campaigns
Output in CSV format
Supports B2B cold emailing
Lines based on prospects' profile
Lines based on prospects' interests
Lines based on prospects' education
Lines based on prospects' location
Takes around 3 hours processing
Outputs customizable according to mapping
Prospects' bio scraping
Prospects' headline scraping
Prospects' title scraping
Prospects' education scraping
Prospects' location scraping
Prospects' achievements scraping
Prospects' LinkedIn mapping
Automated personalization process
User-friendly file upload
Easy mapping of fields
Increases email attention-grabbing potential
Help boost reply rates
Ease of use
No double-check required
Integrates ChatGPT prompts
Handles large volumes of data
Counteracts market overcrowding
Reduces manual research/copywriting requirement
Increases sales opportunities
Can cancel anytime
Clear and concise documentation
Offers a Pro Plan


Limited to LinkedIn data
Only targets email marketing
Doesn't support other social channels
No API provided
Tied to a subscription model
No editing tool
No manual input option
No free trial offered
Exclusively for B2B campaigns
Limited to English language


What is First Line GPT?
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Does First Line GPT guarantee a high success rate?
What is the limit of lines generated by First Line GPT per month?
How can First Line GPT help improve my cold email response rates?
What is a Pro Plan offered by First Line GPT?
What types of data does First Line GPT scrape from LinkedIn profiles?
What is the ChatGPT used by First Line GPT?
How does First Line GPT personalize the first lines of my emails?
Why use AI for email first line personalization?
What contributes to the positive outcome when using First Line GPT?
Is there a free trial available for First Line GPT?
How do I sign up for First Line GPT?
Can I cancel my First Line GPT at any time?
Does First Line GPT also handle email volume or just first line personalization?
What is the turnaround time for generating first lines with First Line GPT?
How will using First Line GPT affect my sales opportunities?
How does First Line GPT affect my email open rates?

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