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Publish an AI-powered email newsletter without writing a single piece of content.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed for automated generation and distribution of newsletter content, targeted to increase audience engagement and revenue.

This tool utilizes machine learning to optimize newsletter content based on how subscribers interact with it - the more subscribers open and click, the more personalized the content becomes. also has the capability to identify and curate the most interesting and relevant content within a specific market area into a visually appealing newsletter.

It automatically synthesizes curated content in the publishers unique brand voice, maintaining the authenticity and originality of the newsletters. The platform's 'perspective engine' ensures the curated content is accurately targeted at its audience.

Besides content creation, facilitates product and service marketing through education with embedded advertisements designed to generate leads and convert sales.

Notably, the tool provides a custom subscriber enrollment page tailored to capture leads and incentivize sharing, transforming new subscribers into potential brand ambassadors.

A combination of AI precision and human oversight ensures the quality of newsletters, while giving users complete control over the final output, including the brand voice and final approval before publishing.

Additionally, assists in crafting a personalized content strategy for the newsletter to resonate perfectly with the targeted audience.


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Pros and Cons


Newsletter content automation
Audience interaction optimization
Targeted content curation
Content synthesis in brand voice
Product and service marketing
Lead generation advertisements
Custom subscriber enrollment page
Incentives for subscriber sharing
Includes human oversight
User approves final output
Personalized content strategy assistance
High daily open rates
Industry-specific content curation
Curate interesting market content
'Perspective engine' for accurate targeting
Transforms subscribers into brand ambassadors
Maintains newsletter authenticity and originality
Compatible with popular CRMs
Offers custom opt-in pages
Capture subscriber preferences
Referral incentives for subscribers
Subscriber data protection
Data owned by user
Effortless audience engagement
User can customize content
Newsletter and opt-in page hosting
Capable of transforming dormant subscribers to engaged readers
Conversion of contacts to cash
Option to insert user's own content


Expensive pricing
Requires approval process
Limited CRM integration
Dependent on subscriber engagement
Limited content control
Relies on human oversight
Single purpose tool
No standalone website hosting
Ambiguous data security measures
Brand voice hard to replicate


What is
How does work?
How does personalize newsletter content?
What is the 'perspective engine' in
Can handle product and service marketing?
What functions assist in lead generation and sales conversion in
How does maintain the authenticity and originality of newsletters?
How can I control the final output of the newsletters?
What personalization does offer in content strategy?
Does offer a custom subscriber enrollment page?
How does contribute to audience engagement?
Can synthesize content in a unique brand voice?
What is meant by '100% Autonomous Newsletters' with
What industries does cater to?
How does ensure quality of newsletters?
How does curate market-specific content?
What measures does take to increase audience engagement and revenue?
How does the referral incentive system in work?
Can convert new subscribers into potential brand ambassadors?
How does's AI learn and refine the newsletters?

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