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Platform for generating email marketing copy.
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Hoppy Copy is an AI-based email marketing copywriting platform designed to help save time and increase conversions. It features a variety of tools to help users write effective email campaigns, including an AI Copywriter for generating powerful copy, an AI Copy Editor for tweaking and rewording, a Competitor Monitoring tool for keeping track of competitors, a Spam Checker for increasing open rates, and a Content Converter for repurposing content from any source.

Hoppy Copy is also great for creating other types of marketing content, including Facebook and Google Ads, product descriptions, AIDA framework, creative stories, and perfect headlines.

It's backed by scientifically proven formulas that auto-generate copy for any type of email, and has been praised by marketers and content creators alike, who appreciate the time it saves.

It's web-based, so it can be used on any device, and offers a 7-day free trial.


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Hoppy Copy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Competitor Monitoring tool
Spam Checker
Content Converter
Creates Facebook Ads
Creates Google Ads
Generates product descriptions
Creates creative stories
Creates headlines
Uses scientifically proven formulas
7-day free trial
No credit card required
Auto-generates copy
Generates unique campaign ideas
Generates catchy subject lines
Generates bold calls to action
Repurposes content
Identifies spam keywords
Substitutes spam keywords
Specialized for email marketing
Compatible with any device
Helps increase open rates
Creates optimized website copy


No offline availability
Lacks multilingual support
Limited to email marketing
No built-in CRM
No importing content from external sources
Word limit on plans
Restricted to web-based use
No integration with email platforms
No collaboration features
Lacks advanced analytics


What is Hoppy Copy?
How can Hoppy Copy help with email marketing campaigns?
What are the key features of Hoppy Copy?
How does the AI Copywriter in Hoppy Copy work?
Does Hoppy Copy have an editing feature?
What is the Competitor Monitoring tool in Hoppy Copy?
How can Hoppy Copy's Spam Checker enhance the open rates?
What does the Content Converter in Hoppy Copy do?
Can I use Hoppy Copy for creating Facebook and Google Ads?
What is AIDA Framework in Hoppy Copy?
In which devices can I use Hoppy Copy?
Does Hoppy Copy offer a free trial?
How can I start using Hoppy Copy?
What are the subscription plans for Hoppy Copy?
Does Hoppy Copy have a word limit for writing content?
What customers are saying about Hoppy Copy?
How does Hoppy Copy ensure the copy's quality?
Can I use Hoppy Copy to write product descriptions?
What happens if I exceed my word limit in Hoppy Copy?
What's the refund policy of Hoppy Copy?

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