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Turn your LinkedIn profile into Legendary Titles!
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Make me Epic is an AI-powered tool designed to creatively transform LinkedIn profiles into unique and impressive titles. Drawing from the information provided in a LinkedIn user profile, the tool generates a series of grandiose, fantasy-inspired titles reflecting various aspects of the user's professional experience and achievements.

The tool creates an element of fun and personal brand enhancement to what is usually a straightforward professional summary. The process involves visiting your LinkedIn profile, saving your resume as a PDF, and then uploading the PDF to the Make me Epic platform for the title generation.

Make me Epic was developed by Greg Berg and used technologies like Next.js & OpenAI. It is an open-source project, inviting others to use, modify or build upon its original source code.

Taking a fresh, imaginative approach to professional profiles, Make me Epic offers an engaging and novel way to express professional identities.


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Make me Epic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms LinkedIn profiles
Generates unique titles
Reflects user's achievements
Fun and personal branding
PDF resume upload
Open-source project
Next.js usage
Professional identity expression
Fantasy Inspired Themes
Creative Resume Titles
Offers profile optimization
Resume Modification function
Career achievement reflection
Enhances professional summary
User focused design
Invite to modify source code


Depends on LinkedIn profiles
PDF conversion required
No customization of titles
Relies heavily on fantasy themes
No control over title generation
No resume data protection info
Potential over-complication of resume
No option for serious titles
No variation in title themes


What is Make me Epic?
How does Make me Epic work?
Who developed Make me Epic?
What technologies power Make me Epic?
Is Make me Epic an open-source project?
How does Make me Epic enhance LinkedIn profiles?
What kind of titles does Make me Epic create?
What is the process to generate titles in Make me Epic?
How to use my LinkedIn profile with Make me Epic?
What type of information does Make me Epic use from my LinkedIn profile?
Can I modify the source code of Make me Epic?
How does Make me Epic use OpenAI?
Is there any limitations on the number of titles I can create with Make me Epic?
Can I use Make me Epic even if I don't know how to code?
Why would I want to use Make me Epic to enhance my professional LinkedIn profile?
What does it mean to turn my LinkedIn profile into Legendary Titles?
Can I get a unique title for every role in my LinkedIn profile with Make me Epic?
How to upload my LinkedIn resume to Make me Epic?
What are the privacy policies of Make me Epic?
Can I make a financial contribution to the Make me Epic project?

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