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ByRoberto Aguirre
Guide to create viral posts on LinkedIn.
GPT welcome message: ¡Hola! Vamos a crear publicaciones equilibradas y profesionales en LinkedIn.
Sample prompts:
Ayúdame a mejorar mi perfil de LinkedIn
Quiero crear un post sobre tecnología
Necesito consejos para ser Top Voice
Sugerencias para una red de conexiones efectiva
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Mentor Top Voice is a GPT that is specifically designed to guide users in creating viral posts on LinkedIn. The primary function of this tool is to assist users in crafting balanced and professional LinkedIn posts.

With this GPT, users can expect targeted guidance on improving their LinkedIn profiles, creating relevant technology-focused posts, receiving tips to become a Top Voice, and suggested strategies for building an effective connection network.

Mentor Top Voice utilizes the linguistic capabilities of ChatGPT, which are further enriched with specialized knowledge about LinkedIn posting and networking.

This makes it a valuable tool for business professionals, marketers, or any user hoping to optimize their LinkedIn presence. To access Mentor Top Voice's guidance, users are required to have a ChatGPT Plus account.

It's worthy to note that through a conversation with Mentor Top Voice, users can benefit from AI-generated insights and recommendations based on tried and tested LinkedIn strategies.

In sum, Mentor Top Voice is a GPT designed to streamline your LinkedIn activities and amplify your professional online presence.


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Mentor Top Voice was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2024.
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