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Improve your resume with our AI-powered LinkedIn Profile Checker!
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The AI Powered LinkedIn Profile Checker is a tool designed to help users elevate their professional presence online by providing a comprehensive analysis of their LinkedIn profiles.

The tool uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the user's profile and display personalized suggestions for improvement. Areas analysed by the AI include the profile's overall effectiveness, usage of strategic keywords, and consistency of the professional brand portrayed.

The tool is geared towards making the user more visible to recruiters and potentially attracting opportunities for headhunting by top companies. The Checker provides a score to gauge the profile's current prowess while offering actionable insights for enhancement.

In addition to the AI analysis, an additional feature proposed is a peer-rating option which could provide a more human perspective on the profile's attractiveness.

The tool works by the user checking out and receiving a license key to redeem their review. The review is generated within a few minutes and sent to the user's email.

While the tool supports only English and accepts only PDF files, it aims to offer beneficial and valuable feedback to users looking to improve their online professional visibility and impact.


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RateMyLinked was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive analysis of profiles
Provides personalized suggestions
Evaluates profile's overall effectiveness
Checks usage of strategic keywords
Assesses professional brand consistency
Aims to increase visibility to recruiters
Potentially attracts headhunting opportunities
Score provided for profile's performance
Offers actionable insights for improvement
Proposed peer-rating option
Rapid generation of review
Review sent to user's email
Feedback considered beneficial and valuable
Supports only English and PDF
Developed with help of career coaches
Recruiters and hiring managers involved
Affordable servicing
Detailed analysis of profile
License key for review redemption
Opportunity for review by peers
Makes professional brand stand out
Supports only PDF file input
Implements targeted keyword analysis


Only supports English
Only accepts PDF files
Requires a license key
Review delivered via Email
Limited to LinkedIn analysis
Peer-rating not yet implemented
Doesn't support real-time review
No mobile application
Lacks multi-user or team use
No Mention of Privacy Measures


What is RateMyLinked?
How does the AI Powered LinkedIn Profile Checker work?
What features does RateMyLinked provide?
How does RateMyLinked help increase my online professional presence?
What areas does the RateMyLinked AI analyze in my LinkedIn profile?
How do I check my LinkedIn profile with RateMyLinked?
How will I receive the review from RateMyLinked?
Why does the tool only support English and PDF files?
How will RateMyLinked enhance my profile for recruiters?
Is my score on RateMyLinked an indication of my professional brand's effectiveness?
What is the peer-rating option in RateMyLinked?
Can RateMyLinked assist in attracting headhunting opportunities from top companies?
How can RateMyLinked help improve my LinkedIn profile?
What is the purpose of the license key in RateMyLinked?
Does RateMyLinked provide personalized improvement suggestions?
How does RateMyLinked evaluate the usage of strategic keywords in my profile?
How quickly can I expect to get my LinkedIn profile review from RateMyLinked?
Can RateMyLinked help me improve my personal branding?
What elements of profile optimization does RateMyLinked focus on?
How is the review generated by RateMyLinked beneficial to my career growth?

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