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Automated SEO optimizes Google profiles.
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ProfilePro is a free Chrome Extension designed to optimize Google Business Profiles. It uses AI technology to automate Google Business posts, generate optimized review responses, and suggest the most SEO-optimized business description for the user's business.

It also provides SEO-optimized service and product descriptions to help businesses get found by potential customers on Google Maps. With ProfilePro, businesses can manage their Google Business Profiles more effectively and improve their local search results.

The tool includes a white glove onboarding call with a local SEO expert, and it supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog, Dutch, Korean, and German.

ProfilePro is an AI SEO tool that enables marketers to optimize their Google Business Profiles, respond to reviews automatically, and generate SEO-optimized Google posts.

It can help businesses rank higher on Google Maps and local search results, improving their online reputation and attracting more customers. In addition to ProfilePro, Merchynt also offers reputation, listings, and review management software, white-label solutions, local SEO services, and a weekly newsletter with marketing tips and news.

Merchynt is based in Santa Monica, CA, and offers free local marketing consultations for businesses.


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Jul 5, 2023
Amazing AI SEO tool for Google Business Profiles.

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ProfilePro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates Google Business posts
Generates SEO-optimized review responses
Suggests SEO-optimized business descriptions
Provides SEO-optimized product descriptions
Helps businesses rank higher on Google Maps
Improves local search results
Includes white glove onboarding call
Supports multiple languages
Free Chrome Extension
Improves online reputation
Generates brand voice matched Google posts
Automates review responses
Helps get found on Google Maps
Optimizes Google Business Profiles in seconds
Offers reputation management software
Offers review management software
Offers listings management software
Provides local SEO services
Offers free local marketing consultations
Offers white-label solutions
Helps attract more customers
Weekly marketing tips newsletter
Based in Santa Monica, CA


Chrome exclusive
No offline mode
Limited asset generation
Not highly customizable
Limited language support
No API mentioned
Single platform focused
Doesn't support other browsers
No mobile version
Platform-specific SEO approach


What is ProfilePro?
How can ProfilePro help optimize a Google Business profile?
How does ProfilePro automate review responses?
What kind of business descriptions does ProfilePro provide?
Can ProfilePro generate SEO-optimized service and product descriptions?
How does ProfilePro help with local search results and Google Maps ranking?
Does ProfilePro support multiple languages? If so, which ones?
What other services does Merchynt offer besides ProfilePro?
Does the use of ProfilePro require any special onboarding process?
What does the white glove onboarding call offered by ProfilePro include?
Can businesses use ProfilePro to manage multiple Google Business Profiles?
How does ProfilePro improve an online reputation?
Can ProfilePro match my brand voice in the Google Business posts it generates?
Is ProfilePro available for free?
How does ProfilePro automatically respond to reviews?
In what way can ProfilePro help me attract more customers?
Does ProfilePro operate as a Chrome extension?
Does ProfilePro offer a consultation with a local SEO expert?
Where is Merchynt, the company offering ProfilePro, located?
How can ProfilePro contribute to a business's ranking on Google Maps?


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