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The GPT Factory is an AI development company that helps turn AI ideas into profitable products. They offer a range of services, including development of ChatGPT applications, AI chatbots, AI-based web apps, and AI company incorporation.

They also provide services for creating AI-based browser extensions and data labeling. Their process is a simple 3-step approach. First, customers choose the size of the project they want to execute, whether it's creating an AI browser extension or getting data labeled.

Then, they speak with a qualified AI representative who guides them through the steps and provides assistance in brainstorming. Finally, customers can sit back and relax while The GPT Factory creates and delivers the desired product as soon as possible.

The company has a track record of success, with revenue of $4.8M for their clients and a customer satisfaction rate of 100%. They prioritize customer feedback, with 99% satisfaction.

The GPT Factory offers flat pricing for their services, with different packages based on the scope of the project. They have a Lite package for small AI apps, a Pro package for more ambitious ideas, and an Enterprise package for complex AI apps.

Each package includes one call with an AI expert, support, and for the Pro and Enterprise packages, a Product Hunt Launch. To get started, customers can reach out to The GPT Factory through their website or schedule a call with them.

They have a large customer base, with more than 10k people served. Their main office is located in San Francisco, California.


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Pros and Cons


Creates ChatGPT applications
Offers Data labeling services
Has 3-step process for execution
Fast product creation and delivery
Track record of success
Overall customer satisfaction
Prioritizes customer feedback
Flat pricing for services
Different packages based on project scope
Pro, Enterprise packages include Product Hunt Launch
Easy to contact through website
Serve large customer base
Located in San Francisco, California
$4.8M revenue for clients
Offers consultation and brainstorming
Provides support post project completion
Rated 5/5 from over 40 reviews


Limited to three packages
7-day limited support
No API access mentioned
Only browser extension development
Doesn't offer on-premise solution
No multi-language support
No specific data security measures
Limited customization options
Single location operation


What services does The GPT Factory offer?
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What is the track record of The GPT Factory?
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Where is The GPT Factory located?
Can I reach out to The GPT Factory through their website?
Does The GPT Factory offer AI data labeling services?
Can I expect assistance in brainstorming from The GPT Factory?
What is The GPT Factory's customer satisfaction rate?
How does The GPT Factory develop AI-based browser extensions?
What is The GPT Factory's approach to AI company incorporation?
How many people has The GPT Factory served?
What is included in The GPT Factory's Pro package?
What additional features does The GPT Factory's Enterprise package offer?
Do all of The GPT Factory's packages include a call with an AI expert?
What is the duration of support provided in various packages of The GPT Factory?
Can The GPT Factory help turn my AI ideas into products?
What kind of success rate has The GPT Factory had with developing AI applications?
Does The GPT Factory also product launch support in their packages?

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