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Platform for app development and deployment
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Back4App is a low-code backend platform designed to facilitate the development of modern applications. It allows users to store and query relational data on the cloud and ensure that it can be accessed over GraphQL and REST.

It features an out-of-the-box real-time database, cloud functions, authentication, REST and GraphQL APIs, notifications, and even Blockchain features.

Additionally, it provides 'Container as a Service' that lets users deploy applications from a Git repository, monitor them with real-time metrics and logs, and scale to provide an optimal user experience.

As for AI implementation, Back4App features an Autonomous AI Agent to build, deploy, and scale applications. This autonomous aspect targets the enhancement of the efficiency of DevOps tasks and cloud operations.

Comprehensive guides, API references, and application templates are provided to help with leveraging the platform’s features, and a supportive community is on hand for further assistance.


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