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Sutro is an application development platform specifically designed to streamline the creation and deployment of applications. It is particularly geared towards entrepreneurs and aims to allow them to concentrate more on their product ideas rather than the technical aspects of application development.

By automating many of the technical tasks traditionally associated with software development, Sutro offers a more accessible entry point into the app marketplace.

Users do not need expert knowledge in coding or app design to use this tool efficiently, making it particularly beneficial for non-technical entrepreneurs.

The platform pushes simplicity and promptness, with an emphasis on allowing creators to design and launch an app swiftly. It should be noted, however, for optimal use of Sutro, JavaScript should be enabled in the user's browser.


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Sutro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Rapid application development
No coding needed
User-friendly interface
Automated coding
Optimized for social apps
Support for marketplaces
Ideal for entrepreneurs
Streamlined deployment
Converts ideas to apps
Browser compatible
Supports JavaScript
Suits non-technical users
Discord community for support
Reduced technical load
Focus on product ideas
Accessible entry to app marketplace
Simplified application creation
Prompt design and launch
JavaScript enablement for optimal use


Optimized mainly for social apps
Doesn't support other programming languages
Requires JavaScript enabled browser
No mentioned support for mobile apps
No automation for app design
Lack of detailed user control
May lack complex features support
Reliant on GPT-3 interpretation
Usage potentially limited for non-entrepreneurs
Nested customization might be limited


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How quickly can I create an app using Sutro?
Is coding knowledge necessary to use Sutro?
How does Sutro help non-technical entrepreneurs?
What is Sutro's approach to app development?
What is the role of JavaScript in using Sutro?
Does Sutro provide any community platform for users?
How does Sutro automate the app development process?
How user-friendly is Sutro's interface?
What aspects of browser compatibility should I consider when using Sutro?
How does Sutro streamline the deployment of apps?
Can I use Sutro for rapid development?
How does Sutro help in the realization of app ideas?
Is Sutro only for app development or can I use it for other software development too?
How beneficial is Sutro for entrepreneurship?
What are the limitations when using Sutro?

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