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Creating and sharing your own mobile application has never been easier.
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Appsmakerstore is an AI-powered software tool that allows businesses to create, manage, and share their own mobile applications without needing any coding knowledge or expertise.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, enabling users to complete their application with their company information. Based on the available templates, it seems users from various industries can benefit from this tool including groups like religious organizations, nightclubs, government agencies, beauty salons, healthcare centers, educational institutions, and many more.

The services are not limited to an app development platform as Appsmakerstore also includes an editor and dashboard for managing the applications. Customers can securely make payments using various methods including Apple Store, Google Play, Stripe, PayPal, Vipps, or Epay.

The tool also incorporates features for customer engagement such as digital loyalty stamps, reward points, GEOauto-PUSH messaging etc. Lastly, Appsmakerstore materializes restaurant orders through Google Cloud Print and provides capabilities to facilitate unlimited restaurants with functionalities like JustEat, Deliveroo, Uber Eat, and Delivery Hero.


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AppsMakerStore was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


User-friendly interface
Cross industry solutions
Mobile application management
Safe payment methods
Feature rich
Customer Engagement feature
Unlimited restaurant capabilities
No coding knowledge needed
App editor included
Multiple languages supported
Easy app completion with company information
Preview app option
Ready-made restaurant solutions
Real-time order management
Google Cloud Print integration
Restaurant loyalty stamps
Social media integration
Unlimited users and downloads
Website synchronization
Ready-made ecommerce platform
Customer reward points integrated
Automated mail and SMS confirmations
Unlimited push notifications
QR code generation for download
Custom development options
Appointment booking and scheduling
Gift voucher selling function
Customizable homepage
Podcast support
SEO friendly solutions


Limited customization capabilities
Possible language localization issues
Dependent on template designs
Integrated editors may be simplistic
May not integrate with all POS systems
May not support all specific industry features
Validation process for app-stores not mentioned
May need additional custom development
Security specifics not highlighted
Mobile only, no desktop support


What is the Appsmakerstore?
Who can use Appsmakerstore?
Does Appsmakerstore need any coding knowledge?
What are the payment methods supported by Appsmakerstore?
What customer engagement features does Appsmakerstore support?
What restaurant functionalities does Appsmakerstore offer?
Does Appsmakerstore work with both iOS and Android?
Does Appsmakerstore have any app templates?
How user-friendly is the Appsmakerstore platform?
Can you manage multiple apps with Appsmakerstore's dashboard?
Can I accept payments through Appsmakerstore?
Does Appsmakerstore support multiple languages?
Will Appsmakerstore's apps work on tablets as well as smartphones?
What tools does Appsmakerstore provide for restaurants?
What options do beauty salons have with Appsmakerstore?
Can I send push notifications to users with Appsmakerstore?
Does Appsmakerstore support digital loyalty stamps and reward points?
What special features does Appsmakerstore provide for radio stations?
Can I make an e-commerce app with Appsmakerstore?
Is there any custom development options in Appsmakerstore?

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