Calorie tracking 2023-07-29
Food and calorie tracking aided by machine learning.
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Lolo is an AI-powered food and calorie tracking tool available on the App Store. With Lolo, users can track and monitor their daily food intake and calorie consumption.

The tool provides a convenient way for users to keep a record of their meals and snacks, helping them make informed dietary choices.Using AI technology, Lolo offers features such as image recognition and natural language processing to assist users in logging their meals.

Users can take photos of their food or describe it in natural language, and Lolo will automatically recognize and categorize the items, providing accurate calorie counts.In addition to tracking calories, Lolo offers personalized recommendations and insights based on users' dietary goals and preferences.

The tool can provide recommendations for healthier alternatives and portion sizes, helping users achieve their desired nutritional targets.Lolo's user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for users to navigate and access their tracked data.

The app also offers visual representations of users' daily and weekly progress, allowing them to monitor their calorie intake over time.Overall, Lolo is a practical tool for individuals who are looking to track their food intake and manage their calorie consumption.

With its AI-powered features and personalized recommendations, Lolo aims to assist users in making healthier eating choices and achieving their wellness goals.


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Lolo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Calories and food tracking
Image recognition for foods
Natural language processing
Automatic food categorization
Personalized recommendations
Intuitive user interface
Visual representations of progress
Personalized portion size suggestions
Compatible with special diet requirements
Plaintext food logging
Fitness, diabetes, pregnancy tracking
Offer In-App purchases
Support multiple languages
Offers a free trial of subscription
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac
Custom dietary goals and preferences
Available on App Store
Food intake monitoring
Tracks daily and weekly progress
Healthy eating insights
User-friendly design
Voice message logging
Adaptable to user's lifestyle
Based on reputable health and nutrition models


Only available on App Store
Requires subscription for services
Limited history tracking
No comprehensive FAQ
Potential privacy concerns
Challenging navigation for users
Optimized only for English language
Requires latest iOS version
In-app purchase necessary for full feature access


What is Lolo?
How does Lolo work?
What AI features does Lolo have?
How does Lolo use image recognition in food and calorie tracking?
Is Lolo only available on the App Store?
What information does Lolo require to make personalized recommendations?
Can Lolo support specific diets for conditions such as diabetes or pregnancy?
What visual representations of progress does Lolo offer?
How does Lolo use natural language processing?
Can Lolo estimate portion sizes?
Can I only track my current day food intake with Lolo?
How does the food logging with voice messages work?
Is Lolo available for all iPhone models?
How reliable are the calorie counts given by Lolo?
What are the available subscription plans for Lolo?
What is the Lolo FoodBot feature?
Are there in-app purchases in Lolo?
Does Lolo have a desktop version?
How does Lolo ensure the privacy of my data?
Can I use Lolo without an in-app purchase?


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