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Track personalized meals with fitness coaching.
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Prospre is a meal planner app that generates personalized meal plans to help users achieve their fitness goals. The app creates meal plans that match the user's calorie and macro goals for the week, which can be adjusted by swapping out meals, adding recipes, and setting ranges for macros.

The app also offers an AI Coach that analyzes the user's weight and food intake, providing suggestions to stay on track. The macro tracker feature lets users track everything they eat and offers barcode scanning and nutrition fact scanner, allowing users to scan over 300,000+ food items to track over 150 nutrients.

The app's flexible meal planning offers the option to fit treats into the plan while meeting macros. Prospre also offers an automatic grocery list with Amazon Fresh autofill, printable grocery lists, and weight progress graphs.

Users can download the app for iOS and Android devices. With Prospre, users can easily achieve macro-based dieting goals without having to eat the same food every day.

The app receives a high rating on the App Store, with users commending its ease of use and effectiveness in setting long-term dieting goals.

Prospre was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized meal plans
Accurate macro tracker
Flexible meal planning
Automatic grocery lists
Amazon Fresh autofill
Printable grocery lists
Barcode scanner for food
Nutrition fact scanner
Tracks over 150 nutrients
Covers 300,000+ food items
Analyzes user's weight intake
Suggests foods for goals
iOS and Android compatible
Highly rated on App Store
Allows meal swapping
Can add own recipes
Option to fit treats
Weight progress graphs
Available comprehensive food database
Option to set macro ranges
Supports various diet preferences
Creates week-long meal plans
Can input allergies
Reduces repetitiveness in meals
Meal preference customization
Daily meals planning
Interactive diet tweaking
Helps in long-term dieting goals
Carries positive user feedback


No web version
Subscription required
Limited food database
Needs frequent manual updates
Incompatible with some devices
No free version
Barcode reader errors
Limited customization options
No community support


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Can Prospre fit treats into my meal plan?
How can Prospre help me with grocery shopping?
Is Prospre available on both iOS and Android?
What makes Prospre different from other meal planning apps?
What is the user feedback for Prospre?
Can I input my allergies on Prospre?
Where can I download Prospre?
Does Prospre provide any resources for weight progress tracking?
Can I add my own recipes in Prospre?
What assistance does Prospre's AI Coach provide?
What type of suggestions can I expect from Prospre's AI Coach?
Can I use Prospre for macro-based dieting?
Does Prospre provide printable grocery lists?


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