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Endurance makes custom workout plans from fitness data.
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Endurance: Training Diary and Workout Tracker is an AI-based tool designed specifically for endurance athletes, which includes runners. It uses machine learning together with a person's health and workout data to generate a personalized, infinite training plan that adapts to health and fitness data in real-time.

The app helps athletes to focus on reaching their goals by automating their planning. It also allows users to add their race goals, and the AI coach then optimizes the training schedule for peak performance on race day.Endurance looks at the athlete's workout history stored in Apple Health to build an intelligent model of their current fitness, training load, and recovery, just like a real coach.

Users can track their upcoming race goals and obtain reliable race time predictions to achieve better results on race day. The app provides a comprehensive feature for athletes to keep a detailed record of their workouts, analyse their data, and monitor their progress.Endurance is available on iPhone and Apple Watch.

The tool is engineered and designed in Stockholm, Sweden, and it includes a privacy policy and terms of use. The app is useful for all endurance athletes – from those who jog regularly to experienced trainers preparing for a race.

It is a useful tool for anyone wishing to keep a comprehensive record of their workouts and derive insights from the data.


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Endurance was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized workout plans
Real-time adaptation
Automates planning
Add race goals
Optimized training schedule
Detailed workout record
Data-driven progress monitor
Available on iPhone
Available on Apple Watch
Privacy policy included
Useful for all athletes
Analyzes Apple Health data
Race time predictions
Designed in Sweden
Adaptive training
Infinite training plan
Tracks race goals
Secure data storage
Incorporates recovery status
Predicts race results
Optimized for endurance athletes


iPhone and Apple Watch only
Depends on Apple Health
Limited sport specificity
No group training features
No Android support
No web interface
Limited customization options
Only designed for endurances athletes
No multi-device synchronization
Potentially restrictive privacy policy


What is the Endurance app?
How does the AI in Endurance create personalized workout plans?
Can I use Endurance to track my race goals?
Is Endurance available on Apple Watch?
What data does Endurance use to create my training plan?
Can Endurance predict my race times?
How can I download the Endurance app?
Is the Endurance app suitable for all levels of endurance athletes?
Can I use the Endurance app if I'm just a regular jogger?
Does Endurance store my workout data?
Where was the Endurance app developed?
Does Endurance have a privacy policy?
How does Endurance adapt to my health and fitness data?
What kind of data analysis services does Endurance provide?
Which devices is Endurance compatible with?
How does Endurance help me prepare for a race?
Does Endurance come with terms of use?
Can experienced trainers use the Endurance app?
How does Endurance help me monitor my training progress?
How does Endurance automate my workout planning?

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