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Vibly is an online platform that provides personalized health and wellness coaching. The platform connects users with top-tier, vetted and certified coaches who offer one-on-one guidance and support.

Vibly adopts a holistic approach, promoting improvement across various life aspects like body, mind, spirit, emotions, work, and relationships. The service integrates an AI Matching Algorithm to match customers with an ideal coach based on their unique goals and needs.

This personalized matching ensures an enhanced compatibility, time saving and a precision matching experience. The aim is to foster a transformative coaching experience grounded on personal connection, shared vision and understanding.

Vibly makes coaching access possible anywhere, anytime via video call or chat. Each coaching session is designed to fit into the user's life schedule, thereby promoting convenience without compromising on the quality of the coaching experience.

Coaches provide tailored strategies and evidence-based techniques to address each user's unique situation to help navigate obstacles and make progress toward achieving their goals.

The platform also offers wellness programs addressing a range of areas including nutrition, exercise, sleep management, stress relief, and more. The coaching programs and services are designed to align with the user's objectives, ensuring a clear path to reaching personal goals.

The overall experience is aimed at helping users achieve a balanced life by breaking through barriers, uncovering new perspectives, and yielding actionable insights.


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Vibly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 10th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized coaching approach
Holistic coaching approach
Top-tier, certified coaches
Remote coaching access
Tailored evidence-based strategies
Wellness programs available
Schedule fits user's life
Address range of life aspects
Compatible coach-client pairing
Chat and video sessions
Highly experienced coaches
Helps achieve balanced life
Actionable insights generation
Addresses multiple wellness areas
Clear path to personal goals
High standard vetting of coaches
Coaches for all types of needs
Transformative coaching experience
Better time management through matching
Expert guidance availability
24/7 access to platform
Enhanced user-coach compatibility
User-friendly platform interface
High success rate among users
No geographical limits for access
Coaches with proven track record
Offers professional and personal development
User-specific program and services
Offers various area-specific programs
Added convenience without quality compromise
Improved work-life balance
Convenient and flexible program structure
Uncovering new perspectives for users
Help to navigate personal obstacles
Focused on achieving user's goals
Breaking personal barriers
Online platform for easy access
Personal growth acceleration
Well-organized platform interface
Offers broad range of wellness programs
Helps achieve personal potential
Expert-guided wellness coaching
1:1 guidance and support
Algorithm-enhanced coaching experience
User-focused matching algorithm
Curated human support
Anywhere, anytime access
Risk-free introductory experience
Money-back guarantee if unsatisfied


Limited to video and chat
Requires Internet connection
Limited range of coaching
Barriers for tech-impaired users
Only one-on-one coaching
Time zone complications
No in-app purchase option
No anonymous coaching option


What is Vibly's AI Matching Algorithm?
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What type of wellness programs are available on Vibly?
Can Vibly sessions be scheduled to fit into my busy life?
Does Vibly provide both chat and video sessions?
How are the coaches on Vibly selected and vetted?
Can I choose the coaches on Vibly myself?
What is the average experience of coaches on Vibly?
Does Vibly provide coach matching for relationship and work-life balance coaching?
Do Vibly coaches provide evidence-based techniques?
Will the strategies provided by the Vibly coaches be personalized to fit my situation?
How will Vibly help me in achieving my personal goals?
Can I access Vibly anywhere, anytime?
Does Vibly have programs focusing on nutrition, exercise, and sleep management?
Do the coaches on Vibly provide one-on-one guidance and support?
Is the coaching experience on Vibly personalized to match my goals and needs?
What is the approach of Vibly to health and wellness coaching?
Are the coaches on Vibly certified?
How does Vibly foster a transformative coaching experience?
Does Vibly provide coaching for stress relief?

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