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Efficient, personalized job matching.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered job matching tool that helps individuals find relevant job opportunities based on their preferences. It utilizes artificial intelligence to provide recommendations in the job field.

Users have the option to chat with the AI or manually select their desired job field. Location is also taken into account, and users can input their preferred location to refine search results.Featured jobs are displayed below the search area for easy access.

Users can also post remote job listings or search for remote positions specifically. A "Featured Match" section highlights a job opportunity that aligns with the user's preferences and location.The tool aims to streamline the job search process by harnessing the power of AI.

By utilizing machine learning algorithms, it can analyze user inputs and provide tailored recommendations based on their chosen job field and location.

Its intuitive interface makes it easy for users to navigate and discover job opportunities that match their is powered by Battey Street Ventures LLC, a company that specializes in AI-driven solutions.

The website adheres to terms, privacy, and cookie policies, ensuring user information is protected and respected.Overall, provides an efficient and personalized job matching experience by leveraging AI technology, helping users find relevant job opportunities based on their preferences and location.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized job matching
Manual job field selection
Location-based job search
Featured jobs display
Remote job posts support
Featured Match section
Streamlines job search process
Utilizes machine learning algorithms
Intuitive interface
Data privacy followed
User information protection
Remote job search option


No offline functionality
No mobile application
No API integration
Doesn't support multiple languages
Limited geographic search options
No saving job feature
No functionalities for employers
No job application tracking


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How does machine learning contribute to's job recommendation process?
What company powers
Does have a privacy policy for user information?
Can I post remote job listings on
Is it possible to search for remote jobs on
Does highlight certain job opportunities?
What does do to ensure a personalized job match?
What can a user expect from's navigation interface?
How does the 'Chat with AI' feature assist job search on
What cookies does use on its website?
Is there a manual selection option for job field on
Can recommend job field options?
What are the steps to use for job search?

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